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Switching to Sheer Curtains

March 29, 2016

Switching to Sheer Curtains |

I purchased this condo in 2010, and as I’ve mentioned on this blog at that point in time I had no real interest in or knowledge of interior design. Owning my own home was definitely the catalyst towards taking an interest, but unfortunately some of the decisions I made back in 2010 weren’t the greatest. I have repainted several rooms since then. One decision I made back then stuck around for nearly six years partly out of laziness and partly because curtains are expensive, ya’ll. I purchased these two simple tan burlap-ish curtains from Bed Bath & Beyond all those years ago. In 2010 I assumed that because I was getting tan carpet I had to get tan curtains (and that my walls had to be brown, bleck). What? I don’t know why I thought that.

They really aren’t awful curtains but they are completely wrong for this window. It is a sliding glass door so it’s huge, and these two panels only barely cover the entire thing. When I purchased them I didn’t know that you’re “supposed” to have panels that are quite a bit wider than your window so there’s plenty of coverage and also so they have a full, gathered look even when fully drawn. This is one of those design “rules” that I completely support as one you shouldn’t try to break.

Switching to Sheer Curtains |

So when I was randomly browsing Serena & Lily’s sale section and saw they were selling some striped sheer linen panels (now sold out) for $19 marked down from $58, I jumped on it. These panels are just as wide as my old ones. The trick is that I purchased four! I have not been able to find ready-made curtain panels anywhere that are wide enough to cover a sliding glass door properly, so if you can’t afford custom made, buying four panels is a smart option.

curtains032916 10

Switching to Sheer Curtains |

What I really didn’t anticipate with this change is how dramatically different the room would feel. In the above photo you can get a sense for the contrast between the old, heavy, solid curtains and the light, bright, airiness of the sheers. They are a white linen with a subtle blue stripe. I love neutrals but the touch of color here is welcome.

Switching to Sheer Curtains |

Huge difference, right? The old curtains had a big visual presence and their tan color made the whole room feel a little muddier. The sheer panels obviously let a ton more light in while also being less visually dominant. It’s like the room can breathe. I am obsessed with how much more light floods into this room now. We often left the old curtains closed or mostly closed without giving it much thought. Now we don’t really have the option of darkening the room, which I will admit was my only concern with this change since my husband does like to use the television during the day sometimes. I hung these one morning before he woke up without telling him first… haha. He hasn’t complained yet!

Switching to Sheer Curtains |

Switching to Sheer Curtains |

I took these photos rather hastily, but those cords are pretty much always sticking out from underneath the TV so there’s some real life for you.

Switching to Sheer Curtains |

You’ll have to forgive the fact that the old curtains are seen thrown over the sofa in these photos; a certain someone decided they would make an excellent bed and didn’t leave the spot for several hours.

Switching to Sheer Curtains |

A couple days later I moved my beloved new myrtle topiary and restyled this little table. I’d dare say it’s my favorite vignette in the house at the moment. The cats seem to approve.

Switching to Sheer Curtains | design-vox.comSwitching to Sheer Curtains |

This whole business of figuring out my style and then how to actually apply it to our home, on a tight budget, has seen slow but steady progress since 2010. It’s hard not to focus on the parts of the condo that I’m still not happy with, but truthfully there have been so many improvements. All I can do is keep learning more about design, keep finding inspiration, and keep an eye on the sale section. 😉

Surprisingly enough my next post may also be an update on our home, because TOMORROW WE ARE GETTING NEW KITCHEN COUNTERS. AND SINK. AND FAUCET. I’m not even going to apologize for the all caps because that there is exciting. The only major thing that will be left in the kitchen after this is the backsplash, so I’m not sure if I will wait until after that is taken care of to blog about it or not. We’ll see!

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