Beautiful Country House Exteriors

September 25, 2015

I have some gorgeous, perfectly shabby houses for you today. It seems I have entered a dry spell as far as motivation to blog goes, though I have had no shortage of inspiration lately. Since I became a vendor at an antique store earlier this month a lot of my “mojo” has been going towards schemes related to it; sourcing, buying, pricing, dreaming, etc. I have had dry spells like this before and still came back full force, so we’ll see where this takes us.

In the mean time if you’d like to keep seeing what I’m into, I’m more active than ever on Pinterest and Keep. If you’re not familiar with Keep (I’m assuming you’re familiar with Pinterest because come on now) it’s sort of a similar concept except everything on it is a purchasable item. You can “keep” items from any online store. I save virtually everything that catches my eye, so there’s a lot on there. I actually have more followers on Keep than on Pinterest which baffles me a little. But it kind of points to my strength: shopping. 😉

Have a fabulous weekend!

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one | original source unknown
two | Nicole Franzen
threeFreunde Von Freunden
four | House and Garden UK
five | original source unknown

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