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March 17, 2011

I found a website called MATTER the other day that’s selling all kinds of ridiculously expensive designer home products. Expensive furniture and decor really irritates me. Obviously it doesn’t cost anywhere close to $1000 to make a simple wall clock, so why on earth am I expected to pay that much? That rant aside, I still enjoy viewing designer products simply for their ingenuity and beauty.

This is the medium version of the Font Clock priced at $995. It’s super cool, but I just can not understand that price tag.

I like the look of these ladders. You could use them to hold towels or blankets or let them stand alone as a decorative piece. The short and fat ladder is priced at $1500. I have seen other decorative ladders for much less, or you could be really smart and keep your eyes peeled at antique shops.

This is a stack of 8 (or 13) drawers that can be pushed and pulled in both directions. Because of this the shape of the unit can be endlessly changing. I like how the piece is geometric but also a bit haphazard. The 8 drawer wood veneer version is $5090.

This shelving unit is whimsical without being over the top. Simple oak surfaces are connected by colorful wire cages. The website suggests placing favorite objects inside the cages. It’s nice enough to fit into most rooms but would probably be perfect in a child’s room. Matter doesn’t even list prices for the unit, which I imagine is not an indication of affordability. It’s not very complicated looking; I bet if you had the right tools you could make something similar yourself.

I love the light, natural wood look used for this series and the detailing on the legs. Again, no pricing is given. And again, it seems that any talented woodworker could recreate these.

A sleek, uber modern table lamp. Also available with an orange or white base. No pricing given for this piece called the F/K/A Table Lamp.

The Sessel Chair ($1490)

How do you feel about designer furniture? Is it merely frustrating or do you enjoy browsing? For me it’s all about inspiration. Having the image of the Sessel Chair in my mind will make me look differently at more affordable chairs and perhaps lead me to consider one that otherwise wouldn’t have caught my eye. And for simpler pieces it’s fun to imagine the DIY possibilities. For example, MATTER is selling this cluster light pendant for $2200 that looks absurdly easy to recreate. Have you ever been inspired to create a piece of your own in this way?

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  • Reply Liz March 17, 2011 at 12:13 pm

    As soon as I saw the ladders my mindset throughout pretty much your whole post was just that all of these things seem easy enough to make. Or at least recreate to some extent. I can’t understand how anyone could get away with charging those prices for such simple objects.

    Just watch Rough Cut with Anthony sometime and you’ll learn how to make some nice wood pieces. Of course, it’s all the equipment that’s a problem, although I’m sure it wouldn’t be too hard to find a shop that could make them for you for cheaper anyway.

    • Reply Christina Ebbers March 17, 2011 at 2:38 pm

      Yeah I totally agree, Liz. This website in particular seems to offer a lot of products that are very simple looking. I would LOVE to learn woodworking. What a useful skill that would be. Perhaps one day. I’ve never heard of Rough Cut; it’s a TV show I’m assuming?

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