Wonderful Swedish Home From Fantastic Frank

May 25, 2011

Perhaps you’ve heard of the real estate sweetheart of the design blogging world, Fantastic Frank. Based in Sweden, Fantastic Frank does something with their property listings that not many do, they send in expert stylists and photographers to create marketing campaigns that are gigantic leaps and bounds beyond the snapshots most agencies provide. (No offence intended to any Realtors that may be reading! *cough*mom) Having this kind of talent at your disposal when selling a home seems like a bit of a luxury, but I for one sincerely hope the idea catches on.

I also love how Fantastic Frank shows how staging a home does not have to involve procuring oodles of furniture to fill the space. Instead, Frank focuses on details, including unexpected props (like marshmallows!) that capture our attention. And finally, Frank’s photographers are geniuses at capturing the light and soul of a home.

If you read a lot of blogs there’s a fair chance you’ve already seen some of these images, but I couldn’t resist sharing Fantastic Frank’s latest home with you. Enjoy! (Click to view them full size!)

More photos on Fantastic Frank’s website.

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