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May 31, 2011

It’s true. I really enjoy shopping. And I think I’m pretty good at it, although some would argue I take way too long, but that’s because I’m careful and calculated and like to see all my options. I also have Dutch-American blood in me, which means that I have an inclination towards the “cheap” side of things. While I am thankful that I’m not out spending money willy-nilly, I have had to devise methods for not feeling totally bummed when I make the practical decision not to charge a $2000 chair.

The most useful mindset I’ve discovered is to not focus on the fact that “I can’t have that chair,” but rather think, “Why was I drawn to that chair in the first place?” and “How can I bring the elements of that chair that I liked into my home without having to take out a small loan?” This is an excellent way to learn more about your own style as well as a great exercise in creativity.

Today I have for you a random sampling of some home products that have caught my eye for one reason or another. I hope you enjoy shopping my picks!

I love the shape of the Ventana Floor Lamp by Jonathan Adler, available for $425. (If you’re in North America you can avoid shipping costs by ordering from The Modern Shop.)

This little owl made of walnut with a bit of white paint is too cute. I love that he’s so simple, a great piece if you’d like a little figurine but don’t want something over-the-top or too cutesy. Designed by Matt Pugh, available through Howkapow for £25.00.

How luxurious it would be to have upholstered dining chairs like these. I love this chair’s modern and casual look. Available from The Modern Shop for $418.

There is something very whimsical with a touch of Asian style that makes this wall sconce really fun. I honestly don’t know if I would ever choose it for my own home, but you should because it’s super cool. $420 from The Modern Shop.

He’s so cute! I just love Dala horses, which are defined by Wikipedia as “a traditional carved and painted wooden statuette of a horse originating in the Swedish province of Dalarna.” They come in a myriad of colors, but like good modern Swedes they of course have an all-white version. I found this little guy through Remodelista which pointed to The American Swedish Institute.

This colorful circular blanket made from organic cotton would be a great addition to a playful nursery. $140 through the Australian boutique Story.

The Savonarola Chair has a delightful form and antique flair that makes it a great accent chair. I don’t think I’d drop $325 for one but if I ever happened upon one in a thrifty situation I sure would be tempted.

I’m not usually one for designs that could be at all described as “rainbow”, but there is something so perfect about this combination of color and it’s watercolor-like application. And I was delighted to see a nice throw pillow that is not priced extravagantly. Available for $34.95 from CB2.

I hope those of you who celebrate had a wonderful Memorial Day weekend. I was able to go to a zoo with my boyfriend and family yesterday and had a lot of fun. Feeding giraffes is always a good time. 🙂

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