June 10, 2011

I remember when I was younger and I couldn’t fathom ever wanting to go to bed “early”. I recall being told by my parents that one day I would understand. Well, I’m a whopping 24 years old and I’ve officially reached that understanding. Last night I turned off the TV at 9:20 PM to go to bed right in the middle of one of my favorite shows (So You Think You Can Dance).

I’m trying not to let myself feel too old or lame about it. People say things like, “You can sleep when you’re dead,” but in reality that death could come a lot sooner if you don’t sleep properly. And the life you do have will be richer if you are more alert and rested. So get some sleep! Preferably in beautiful rooms like these!

This image along with several others from the ridiculously talented photographer Brie Williams have been bouncing around design blogs lately. I couldn’t help but share this one with you. I am drawn more and more to this style of architecture, and that color! I have been developing a huge crush on minty blue-greens, so this room really stole my heart. Via 79 ideas.

Love the soothing taupes in this room. This is the home of actress Kerri Russell, photographed by William Waldron for Elle Decor.

If you’re looking to give dark walls a try, the bedroom may be an excellent place to start. It enhances the feeling of low light, often desirable in a bedroom. It can also be super luxurious and dramatic, which is always fun. Photographed by Morten Holtum for Sköna Hem.

Via MyWhite Room.

A theme I’ve noticed in the bedrooms I am drawn to is any sort of ethereal textile wall hanging. This one is particularly unusual and dreamy. Designed by MR Architecture + Decor, via desire to inspire.

Via My White Room.

Lovely soft colors, cozy platform bed, and super fun lighting. Styled by Susana Vento, photographed by Kristina Kurronen, via Adventurous Design Quest.

So many fantastic things are happening in this room. White walls, slanted ceilings, wood beams, worn wood floor, creative fabric hanging, I love it! The home of Linneas Blommande Värld which is for sale, via desire to inspire.

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    Yay, it’s so nice to see you gain new understanding of things your parents have said! 🙂 WHAT? You left SYTYCD before it was done???!! Wow, you must be getting old….

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