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June 22, 2011

An unexpected result of my beginning to tag my posts by room is that I now have a clear picture of which rooms I blog about most often. Bedrooms are the current leader at 7 posts (including this one), while bathrooms, kids rooms, and exterior shots are all trailing with only one each. I had a brief fit worrying about trying to even the spread a bit more, but then I realized that’s silly.

I have been finding lately that it is very important and very rewarding to keep in mind the reason I started design-vox in the first place: to share things I love. I could spend hours scouring the internet for more pictures of bathrooms, but that brings the danger of settling. Settling by sharing an image with you that never really grabbed my heart like the others. So, I will continue to post batches of images as they naturally accumulate. And that means lots of bedrooms. Who doesn’t love a great bedroom?

This bedroom completely and totally grabbed my heart. It is probably the most traditional space I have ever loved this much (though admittedly its traditional elements aren’t that strong). If you’ve been following me for a while you can probably see what’s going on here.  A plush white flokati rug and a huge indoor tree. Consistent favorites of mine! Designed by Katie Leed, photographed by Lisa Romerein, via 79 ideas.

A completely different look in this room with its modern platform bed, minimalistic Asian theme, and a great pop of orange. It also has one of my latest favorite features: hanging textiles, in this case a canopy. The home of  Belma Mujezinovic-Pribilovic (editor-in-chief of via desire to inspire.

This room is also beautifully minimalist. No bells and whistles, just simple lines and muted colors. Notice the nightstands that appear to be just big blocks of wood. What a wonderful example of rustic simplicity! And once again, a dreamy hanging textile. Via My White Room.

Bemz recently came out with a series of slipcovers for IKEA beds. The marketing images for these slipcovers are beautifully styled and have been popping up all over the internet. Don’t you just love that bed skirt?

Via Sköna Hem.

Fri via 79 ideas.

Oh my goodness I want to jump into that bed for a nap immediately. And more hanging textiles! I just can not get enough of them. Stadshem via design attractor.

The use of layered texture in this room is stunning. And that’s one of the most welcoming beds I’ve ever seen, though the puppy may be swaying me. Styled by Meagan Camp, photographed by Emily Gilbert, via decor8.

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  • Reply Liz June 22, 2011 at 7:13 pm

    The minimalistic Asian bedroom is fantastic. Right up my alley. Also, I’m normally never a fan of wallpaper, but the Sköna Hem room looks great with those stripes, especially because of the little overhang in the ceiling. The way it distorts the stripes to add some interest is inviting and intriguing.

  • Reply Mia June 22, 2011 at 9:07 pm

    i love your bedroom posts! always find them so well chosen, so inviting, stylish and cozy. and I really like the legless/low/asian-ish beds (of which you inspired me) they make it all look more interesting and non-traditional.

    The 3rd pic is amazing, love the wall colour, not white (which I am deadly tired of) but a light wonderful hue. same goes with 4 which I agree has a really nice slipcover. that lamp and bench/sofa is great also – lovely pics!

  • Reply Pretty Much What I Need | trendey June 22, 2011 at 9:43 pm

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