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July 1, 2011

I recently started following what is turning out to be an endlessly inspiring blog called Young House Love that is written by a young married couple documenting their home improvement adventures. They are so entertaining and awesome and their blog does so well that they don’t even have “real” jobs. They blog, they fix up their house, and they take care of their daughter and dog. What a life! Anyways, the reason I bring them up is because their latest progress has been in the kitchen and dining area where they just painted over some horrid old wood paneling on the walls. It was amazing to see how transformed the space is, and SO inspiring that they did it so quickly and cheaply (something like 3 days and $90).

It got me thinking about my own kitchen and how depressingly sub-par it is. And it also got me thinking about how maybe I should not be assuming that kitchens are just way too expensive to remodel and that there’s no way I can do anything about it. As my half bathroom remodel is finally promising a light at the end of the tunnel, I can’t help but think about what I might do next. Have you ever had a space that you found was surprisingly simple (and inexpensive?) to completely transform? Kitchens definitely have the opposite reputation, but who knows? Maybe if I stare at lovely kitchen images like these long enough I’ll hatch some ideas…

White, wood, casual, greenery. Wonderful! Via Fryd + Design.

Oh my goodness gracious I am in love. With that red espresso machine! And the rest of this kitchen. So gorgeous. Via Jessica Helgerson Interior Design.

This kitchen is oozing with style. The dark cabinetry is magnificent and I adore the pops of gold and green. Designed by Michael Boyd of Smith Boyd Interiors, via desire to inspire.

Nuevo Estilo via design attractor.

So much light! And the white enhances it, don’t you think? Stadshem via design attractor.

I am quite smitten with this shot. It feels so cozy and warm and somehow contemplative. A very unpretentious and welcoming home. This is the cottage of artists Nicola Hensel and John Turier, photographed by Sharyn Cairns, styled by Geraldine Munoz for Country Style Magazine, pia jane bikjerk via desire to inspire.

Via Bolaget Inspiration.

I am sort of obsessed with this kitchen. The purpley gray walls (and ceiling!) are perfect, and I’m discovering lately that I love little pink accents. What really makes this room though is the extensive use of art and all the little objects displayed on the open shelving. Not many people seem to think about placing art in the kitchen, but look how it makes this room come alive with personality! I just love it. Love it! This property was listed for sale in London by Domus Nova, via desire to inspire.

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