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July 5, 2011

How are you all? I hope those who celebrated Canada Day or Independence Day had lovely long weekends! I spent my 4th of July at a popular Lake Michigan beach with my boyfriend and we had a wonderful time.

I am relaxed from the holiday and excited because I have even more time off this coming weekend. But I’m also frustrated because I just discovered that the wall sconces that I finally chose for my half bathroom remodel are back-ordered until late August! Throw in a bit of stress due to wanting this remodel to be completed before I host a party on August 4th, not to mention helping my sister prepare for her wedding which is August 6th!

So basically I have a lot on my mind, though I’m happy to report that the relaxed and excited part of me seems to be winning out. At least for today. Haha. How are you feeling today? As much of a mixed bag as I am?

Today let’s talk about the things that really make a house a home: the little personal touches a homeowner creates by decorating. Collections, heirlooms, treasured objects and art, all of these things bring a home to life! The Norwegian home of Connie JohansenKlikk via 79 ideas.

Okay so this is not the typical little curated collection type decorating that I was referring to above, but this fireplace is like a piece of art in its own right and certainly an important part of this room. I would love to have a fireplace like this. Photographed by Christian Olausson for Vårt Nya Hem.

This just makes me happy. It is such a sweet example of how some deliberate placement and clutter control can make an ordinary surface come to life with character. Via sea sex & sun.

An antique ironing board used as a display table. Genius! I would love to have a surface like this in my entryway. I have been checking craigslist occasionally but nothing to my liking has come up. An old wooden ironing board like this would be incredible. The home of Caitlin Van Horn of Roost, via Design*Sponge.

These colors are stunning and what a clever way to display flowers! Via sea sex & sun.

I love the simplicity and charm of these containers. Especially the striped tumblers! Bo Bedre via 79 ideas.

Oh how I love this. Not only do I love huge mirrors leaned against a wall, I also love the gold frame and the mini lights! Some people (*cough*my sister) think that twinkle lights are tacky or too Christmas-y to use in other ways, and while I do think that you need to be careful with how you use them, in many cases they add a delightful and unexpected element of fun! The home of Swedish photographer Emma Jane Noren, via Design*Sponge.

Via Livet Hemma.

There is a possibility that this may be my only post this week as I will be out of town Thursday through Sunday. But I’ll be back next week for sure!

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