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Small Changes Big Impact

July 8, 2011

Well I told a small lie to you on Tuesday. I said I might not post again this week due to being out of town but I decided to compose this one for you before I left. Aren’t I thoughtful?

Several days ago I did something remarkable. I turned my dining table. It is an oval shaped table, in a kind of squarish space connected to my kitchen. Since May 2010 the table had been oriented one way. Turning it the other way had a stunning effect. That room feels so much more spacious now! It is a little tougher to access the far side of the table (its a small room), but I realized that I am a single gal and very rarely need to use more than one seat there anyway. I also removed 3 of the 5 chairs from the room which I’m sure contributed largely to the spacious feeling.

Little things, people! Little things can completely refresh a room. But not enough to bother showing you with photos. Trust me, it’d be underwhelming. One day I hope to totally transform that room, and you’ll definitely get to witness the process then. 🙂

This color combo is fantastic. You may or may not be aware of my recent obsession with minty blue-greens. This wall color is more on the blue side of things, but it’s in the same family and I love it. The warm browns perfectly compliment it. Via Creative Flats.

Soft pink is another hue I’ve realized that I like. I’ve always thought of it as too girly but images like these illustrate how it can be used in a room without feeling at all overly frilly or feminine. The Design Files via desire to inspire.

I really really love this floral arrangement. Nuevo Estilo via design attractor.

More touches of soft pink paired with yellow and pale blue. Now this room is a bit feminine, but there’s nothing wrong with that. 🙂 Styled by Samantha Pynn for Style at Home via Switcheroom.

A bit of minimalism and a lot of modernism injects this room with style. It’s not a new idea to hang multiple light fixtures but I love how these ones don’t really look like they were intended to be hung in groups. Via Dream rooms.

Have you ever seen a cozier dining room? It’s like something out of a dream cottage get-away. The natural light is stunning, and I’m sure that chandelier is a star in its own right when turned on. Photographed by Brie Williams via desire to inspire.

A bit rainbowy for me, but so intriguing. The French home of Myriam Balaÿ-Devidal, via Design*Sponge.

I think my heart beats faster every time I look at this table setting. So unimaginably beautiful! Can you imagine sitting down to brunch with this loveliness? Allt i Hemmet via 79 ideas.

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  • Reply Mia July 8, 2011 at 10:28 am

    Oh.. the table setting is really amazing. So sweet, beautiful and at the same time cool with the lamps, frames and all. Pure loveliness!

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