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July 11, 2011

I am back from my lovely Chicago vacation! I got to do all kinds of fun stuff. I visited the Lincoln Park Zoo which was the best zoo I’d ever been to (and is free!), got to ride a big boat down the Chicago River and into Lake Michigan, did lots of walking around downtown and visited an awesome art fair. I really wish I had brought my camera so I could share some of my adventures with you. I easily could have done a post on the exteriors of the homes in the Chicagoan neighborhoods we walked through. There were some truly gorgeous facades!

I had already been planning on blogging about bedrooms today but it’s especially fitting because I am tired. My sleep schedule got a little out of wack while out of town and I also had just a terrible time trying to sleep last night for no apparent reason. Maybe if I flood my thoughts with peaceful images today I will have better luck tonight.

As I write this, West Michigan is being positively pounded with a rain storm, so this image almost seems like an impossibility. But somewhere this loveliness does exist! Via Alvhem Estate and Interior.

Via Alvhem Estate and Interior.

One of those spaces I probably wouldn’t want to live in but would love to visit. Found via Pinterest.

This is a bit dainty and traditional for my tastes, but I’m still drawn to it. I think I like the colors most of all. Via Bolaget Inspiration.

I love these warm wood tones, especially on the chairs. Via Jessica Helgerson Interior Design.

This is one image that you should definitely click on to view larger to really experience the impact of this gorgeous angled wood ceiling. And that chandelier! Via Jessica Helgerson Interior Design.

I love these textures and the adorable pillow. The throw blanket in my beloved minty green steals the show for me. Coco + Kelley via My White Room.

I love hanging textiles, and hanging pillows are a delightfully wacky extension of that idea. I love it. Via Elle Interiör.

I hope your Monday is going well! If not, you still have bed time to look forward to and a better day tomorrow. 🙂

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    I love the jungle-y one. I would definitely live there.

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