Sweet Kid’s Rooms

July 13, 2011

When I was in Chicago this past weekend my family held a joint shower for both my sister’s August wedding and my cousin’s September baby. This baby will be the first to be born to someone of my generation from either side of my extended family. I’m so excited! I was that person sitting next to my cousin eagerly peering into each box she opened at the shower, cooing and giggling and pronouncing things in a baby voice. At one point my cousin stopped what she was doing and informed me that I must move to the same state as her so I can come over and read to the baby.

So, in sum, I think kids are great. Usually. And all the sweet baby gifts have inspired me to share some fun kid’s rooms with you.

This room manages a delicate balance between being adult-appealing yet perfect for a young girl. The sophisticated art really tones down the kiddy factor. The chandelier is purple and girly, but the sheer act of using a chandelier for children’s lighting is an exciting choice with a grown-up vibe. Same goes for the opaque green chair which is both playful and stylish. The only thing I am not a big fan of is the rug, but it’s important to allow a child to make some big decisions, and I’m guessing that was one of them. Via Twisted Sifter.

I love the soft almost near-neutral purple on these walls and the sweet display on the hooks. Via the style files.

So cute! Hanging textiles, sheepskin rugs, life-size stuffed animals, I love it! Via Adventurous Design Quest.

Annaleena’s Hem via Adventurous Design Quest.

Der Kleine Salon via Lovenordic Design Blog.

I love so many things about this. The exposed wood beams, the dinosaurs on the exposed wood beams, the huge toy boat, the colorful quilt. Speaking of color though, this room could use a bit more. But it’s still awesome. Via Lovenordic Design Blog.

Wah! So cute! I love bunting, I love deer figurines (I know I’m weird), and I love the little art prints arranged in a cluster. If you don’t want to feel restricted with your use of colorful accessories, a neutral backdrop is the key to keeping it from being garish. The home of Susanna, Jussi and Varpu (the lucky little one!), photographed by Petra Bindel, via dwell.

Against a white backdrop the cascading colorful dots offer texture and fun. The painting is magnificent, for a child or otherwise. And we mustn’t forget this wonderful bedding, for which this is a product shot. If your daughter insists on pink but you don’t want an alarming amount of the hue, choosing pieces like these could be perfect. From the bedding line by Auggie, via Design*Sponge.

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