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July 22, 2011

You know how there’s a point when the weather gets so extreme that it seems like it is all anyone talks about? All anyone has been talking about this week in West Michigan is the heat. Whole days have been spent racing from one air conditioned building to the next. Hopefully soon the heat wave will mellow out and we can spend more time outdoors. After all, when we’re outdoors it’s the only time we can admire lovely home exteriors! (The internet does not count for the sake of my segue.)

This façade really draws me in. I’m always a sucker for creeping vines and plant life on structures, and hammocks are heavenly. Via Micasa.

This architecture is stunning. Not sure if that is a pool or a pond. Either way its deep color is gorgeous. By Mike Bennett via sea sex & sun.

Modern exteriors always catch my eye. Via Twisted Sifter.

By House + House Architects, via Houzz.

By Rees Roberts + Partners LLC.

The way the light hits this modern home is so pretty. Photographed by Christian Schaulin, via Vårt Nya Hem.

Would you ever expect to see such a contemporary look in a wooded setting like this? I think it’s fantastic. I love how the home looks like it has has been set down ever so gently in place without disturbing any of its natural surroundings. Photographed by Patric Johansson, via Söderberg Agentur.

I can’t help but swoon over the old town charm of this photograph. Light green shutters and baskets of fruit… I’d love a walk down this French road right about now, please. Nicety via 79 ideas.

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