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July 25, 2011

Well, I was going to save this post as a lead up to my bathroom remodel reveal, but since that’s not going to be for another 5 weeks at least, I got impatient. A few days ago I put up the new mirror and a few accessories which was more exciting for me than I care to admit. Bathrooms really are a fun room to design. There are so many different appealing styles.

Gorgeous! That’s what I think when I see this bright but grounded bathroom. That wood grain is beautiful, and what an interesting installation on the floor there. It’s like a stone bath mat. Photographed by Andreas Larsson for Vårt Nya Hem.

I love the retro rustic vibe in this room. I’m happy to see that mirror because I’ve been worrying that the mirror I have for my half bath is too small, but it’s bigger than that so I win. Via little blue deer.

The glass enclosure for this shower is intriguing. The diamond tile on the wall is a little busy for my tastes but I like the idea. Designed by Sherry Hart, photographed by Tina Rowden, via Houzz.

I am often drawn to an aged, peeling, textural look like that of this wall. I don’t know if I’d ever be brave enough to try it myself, as I’m worried it’s very taste specific and could also just end up looking messy. Sure is inspiring though. Living Etc. via desire to inspire.

This is my kind of bathroom. It is completely tiled, floor to ceiling, and I love the subtle color and texture that provides. I’m also enjoying the free-standing tub, modern vessel sinks, gold-framed mirror, and wonderful pops of color. The Selby via desire to inspire.

Creative Flats via design attractor.

Oh what beautiful soft colors. Marble walls, pink flowers, gray-brown wood, and those floors! Those floors are my favorite thing ever. Or close to it anyways. Via Happenstance.

This bathroom is so freaking pretty! Every single detail draws me in. The architecture, the worn blue shutters, the chandelier, the pop of yellow, the way the light streams in. So lovely! Photographed by Eric Piasecki via 79 ideas.

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