Embracing the Quirky in Decorating

July 29, 2011

I have been having a particular kind of week. One of those where you feel kind of crummy more often than normal but know that you don’t really have a good reason to feel crummy. Which doesn’t help. It just makes you feel crummier for feeling crummy so easily. Crummy is a weird word.

Of course the urge for home improvement marches ever on. I’ve been feeling inspired lately to seek out items for my home that have lots of personality and a quirky factor. Things with age, patina, a wacky color, or a humorous element. I browsed my favorite antiques mall yesterday and was drawn to several pieces, but in the end didn’t purchase anything. I want to be careful to not just buy any object because it reminds me of some nifty interior design shot I saw online. The things I bring into my home should speak to me and have meaning for me. Do you ever struggle with what sorts of objects to decorate your home with?

This chair is a great example of an object with personality. However I think I’d be afraid to sit on it. Something with a French element would be appropriate for me as it it the only second language I’ve ever studied and I still remember the basics, and my sister is fluent. Would you ever consider placing decorative items on the floor like this? I definitely would if I had an appropriate spot for it. This is a product shot for the French print by graphic designer Therese Sennerholt, found via my ideal home.

I think I squealed when I first saw this shot. All the lovely light, bright colors pop so perfectly off of the white. I especially like the turquoise “B”. Via decor8.

I love how original this is. It feels so personal and with just enough of the quirky factor that I’m looking for. The art is arranged unexpectedly, and clearly this homeowner agrees with me that you can never have too many bud vases. From the cottage of artists Nicola Hensel and John Turier, photographed for Australian Country Style Magazine via pia jane bijkerk.

Humorous, peculiar, playful. That art and those elephants transform this from uninteresting to fascinating. Aschebergsgatan 24 via design attractor.

Let me count the ways I love this space. I can not. There is too much. Seriously point at anything here and I will tell you I love it. The candlesticks, the bare bulb light, the skinny gold frames… and everything else. Via Alvhem Mäkleri & Interiör.

Pretty pretty pretty shot from IKEA’s blog Livet Hemma. Graphic rugs like this one have been growing on me.

This is such a sweet little display with a rustic theme. The simplest elements can create the most lovable decorations. Don’t feel bound by what is typically put on walls. If it makes you smile, by all means find a way to pin it up. From the home of Connie Johansen, via 79 ideas.

That table lamp is quite possibly the coolest table lamp I have ever seen. It’s definitely in the running. It’s so curvy and mid-century mod and awesome. Also in this shot is a cloche (which I love) and an adorable black cat figurine. So this vignette is a win all around. Do you like it? Designed by Svenskt Tenn (which means “Swedish Pewter”).

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