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Comfort & Color in the Living Room

August 3, 2011

There’s lots of great things going on here, but the first thing my eye is drawn to is that awesome dark mustard chaise. A low-backed (or no-backed) piece like that is great to put in the center of a room if you want your eye line to be uninterrupted. Designed by Nate Berkus Associates via decorology.

Sloped ceilings can be so dramatic. They add so much to a room. Via nicety.

I love how these furnishings play off the (gorgeous!) blue, cream and light orange brick walls. Some incredibly ambitious person decided to hang that swinging seat in this very tall room and I commend them for it. I like the concept of hanging seating, but I wonder what it’s really like to live with. Via Nuevo Estilo.

Nina Holst via Stylizimo.

More hanging seating! This time it’s a very cozy looking hammock. And more beautiful angled walls. Via Apartment Therapy.

What a fantastic use of pattern! There are just enough simple, neutral elements to offset the busy rug, armchair, and lamp shade. Via Bolaget Inspiration.

Calm, relaxed, and hip. The classic Eames lounge chair is always a star, and what a lovely view through those awesome paned windows. Via Rees Roberts + Partners LLC.

I am fully obsessed with this room. I want to move in right this minute. It totally pulls off the white walls that I dream about. That low and super deep sofa looks incredibly comfortable but oh so stylish. The checkerboard rug is quite on trend. The pops of burnt orange are probably my favorite element in the whole space. They compliment the gray and white so well. And finally… THAT… DRESSER. It is nothing like I have ever seen. All those sweet little pulls on those sweet little drawers! So whimsical and playful. It is (and I do believe I may be dreaming this) available for purchase. But maybe I’m not dreaming after all as it is made in Sweden and costs the equivalent of about $19,000 USD before shipping. *balk* Svensk Ttenn via design attractor.

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