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I’m Back With Some Dining Rooms

August 8, 2011

Hello friends! Not sure if you noticed I’ve been absent since this past Wednesday, but I’m hoping you’ll forgive me as I was just a tad caught up in events leading up to my little sister’s wedding which was on Saturday the 6th of August! Everything from the bachelorette party on Thursday to sleeping in really late on Sunday was a wonderful experience and I had so much fun.

Of the photos we have already, this is my favorite. That’s me in the middle with my gorgeous bridal sister and adorable (smiling!) little brother. We were on a party bus just about to head to the venue. So much fun was had!

Alright. Barring an outcry for more details and/or pictures, I will spare you any more wedding talk. Haha. I’ve rounded up for you some snazzy dining room shots today. Enjoy!

Purple was previously my favorite color, and I still enjoy it quite a lot. This table setting is so well styled. A little unrealistic, because it’s a product shot and not a real home. But still lovely and inspirational! I especially love the use of a floor lamp as lighting for a dining table. Not only is unexpected and fun, it can be a very clever and money-saving solution if you don’t have wiring for a ceiling light. Jimmy Schönning via 79 ideas.

I just love this room’s relaxed vibe and simplicity. Via Exquisite Banana.

The use of color here is fascinating, though the presence of the primary colors red, yellow, and blue so prominently in the shot makes it feel a little juvenile to me. But I love that sideboard. Via Elle Decor España.

I am really amazed at how my opinion of oriental-style rugs has changed. Previously I always associated them with very stuffy, dark, and even dingy traditional homes, but have slowly come to understand their inherent beauty and how they can be used brilliantly in more modern settings. I think the tribal, ethnic, and globe-trotter trends have all heavily influenced the use of pieces like this and I’m loving it. I happened upon an Etsy shop recently that has over a hundred oriental rugs of varying sizes at reasonable prices. The patterns and colors are gorgeous! Skeppsholmen via 79 ideas.

I love how how visually soft everything in this space is. It isn’t necessarily literally soft, but the shapes, lines and colors create a smooth atmosphere that is very calm and pleasant. Via Micasa.

The way the dark wood of this dining set pops against the white is just perfect. Via Alvhem Mäkleri & Interiör.

I love the vibrant greens and industrial touches. Photographed by David Cleveland via 79 ideas.

Pink and teal accents are so playful in this room with stunning architecture and ornate details. I especially love that door! Via Nicety.

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  • Reply Mama August 8, 2011 at 5:54 pm

    I absolutely love your sense of style!! And you look so beautiful in that picture with your sibs! It was a great day! And this is a great blog!

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