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August 19, 2011

Today is a special day for me. My boyfriend and I’s two year anniversary! Nothing like a happy event to help you think positively! Today let’s talk about one of my favorite topics, decorating! Obviously virtually everything I talk about could be classified as decorating, but sometimes I like to really zoom in and focus on the details.

I chose this image because I thought the styling of the nightstand was very creative. An important styling tip is to overlap items in a vignette, as this will appear more collected and natural than evenly spacing everything apart. What I find so interesting about this photo is that they have really overlapped these items to the point that one of the artworks is almost completely obscured. I find it thought-provoking and clever. What do you think? By Mark Lund via My White Room.

Photographed by Patrick Cline, designed by Michelle Adams for Lonny Mag via Nester Smith on Pinterest.

More nice overlapping going on here and I like the colors. Via Au coin du monde.

I really appreciate art displays like this with small, asymmetrically arranged works many of which look like they could be postcards or photobooth pictures. Translation = inexpensive! Via Hilda Grahnat.

Photographed by Armelle Habib via desire to inspire.

These grays and blues and creams are gorgeous. The items are placed thoughtfully in clusters, on top and in front of each other to create a harmonious whole. Styled by Glen Proebstel via 79 ideas.

Pink and gold are my latest color crushes. For some reason I am really loving thin golden frames. A year ago I would have told you they look cheap and outdated but now I want some of my own! Via My White Room.

This vignette really makes me happy. It is so light-hearted and simple but really packs a visual punch with its interesting elements, most notably I’d say being the winged light bulb. Don’t be afraid to use some wacky pieces. As long as everything isn’t nutty, the things that are will add so much fun to your home. Photographed by Stacey Brandford via House of Turquoise.

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