Inviting Kid’s Rooms

August 29, 2011

Happy Monday! I had a pretty fantastic weekend, how was yours? Have you been watching Design Star on HGTV? This is the first season I’ve ever watched and I have to say that I am not overly impressed. This, for example, is an after shot of the design of a young boy’s bedroom from the latest episode:

Whaaaat? I genuinely liked the before better (although it was sparse and boring, at least it wasn’t ugly). And the contestant who designed this room did not get cut from the show (in her defense, she has done some work that I liked and has a great personality). I mean everything from the flat, uncoordinated colors to the crooked rug to the placement of the window treatments to the completely ridiculous interpretation of a bunk bed that the little boy asked for is just unattractive and uninviting. I know they have difficult constraints with time and resources, but this is just sad.

SO in reaction to that, I thought I’d dig into the kid’s room designs I’ve come across recently that are attractive and inviting. Kid’s rooms are a ball game of their own when it comes to design. The use of color and quirky elements can really explode to create something incredibly fun and (duh) child-like. I believe that every child should have a significant impact on the design of their own room (assuming they’re old enough to express that and have the desire to do so). Whether it be the wall color, the type of bed, or filling the walls with their own art, children are a wellspring of creativity just waiting to be tapped.

This room screams of fun. The rainbow of accessories are appropriate and the room seems to be very well lit. Via Live & Enliven, design attractor.

I am still crushing on that IKEA rug. If your home has a minimalist or Swedish-white bent like this one and you want to continue that into your child’s room as much as possible, bring in moments of color and fun with the accessories. Via Stadshem.

Oh man I love this a lot. The soft blue is appropriate for a child but not way kiddy. The textures in the window treatments and bedding make the whole room feel like puffy cloud. The pop of colors in the artwork and rack of clothes bring in so much personality and interest. The black chandelier, while not something I’d choose, is a delightful mix of fancy and playful. Designed by Windsor Smith via House of Turquoise.

Bolig via Nordic Design.

Via abc home.

The ottoman is a bit of an eyesore to me, and the drapery should be more substantial, but otherwise this is a very sweet room. Photographed by Pernilla Hed for Sköna Hem.

Apparently these parents gave their child the master bedroom. While it could benefit from better lighting, I love the soft colors and textures in this room. You can see much more detail if you click on it to enlarge. Via Rees Roberts + Partners LLC.

This is a vacation home, so there’s not as much need for storage and nick-nacks leaving this room feeling fresh and relaxing for the two little ones sharing it. With a spot to draw, write, or just daydream out the window with that fabulous view, this bedroom is really fantastic. The New York Times via 79 ideas.

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  • Reply Mia August 29, 2011 at 11:08 am

    OMG that was not impressing at all..! Terrible job. I totally agree with you the before-pic was better although sad in its emptiness.

    Oh and i really like the blueish room, especially the corner with the clothes rack and painting. Lovely examples all of them.

    • Reply Christina Ebbers August 29, 2011 at 12:21 pm

      Hi Mia! I’m glad you agree with me about that Design Star room. I’m still shocked that the judges didn’t cry when they saw it and kick the designer out immediately. Haha.

      I love the blueish room too! 🙂

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