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August 31, 2011

Despite the fact that my boyfriend has expressed a disinterest in caring for a yard, I’m fairly certain that one day I will take on the challenge of owning some land. Lucky for him, my vision of a future outdoor area does not necessarily include an expanse of grass or oodles of high-maintenance plants. If I can create an outdoor space like any of those in the following pictures, I’d be thrilled.

What a darling nook this is. If your indoor dining room can’t pull the family together, surely something as fun and charming as this could! I don’t know if those string lights are fit to be left up all the time, but I hope so because they are darling. Apartment Therapy via the style files.

A couple of the images today are not technically outdoor, but are in fact sunrooms or 3-season porches. To me they still fit into the feel of an outdoor space, especially with so much plant life! I just love the blue on these chairs. The color coordinates perfectly with the bright greenery. Art & Décoration via Sarah Klassen.

Home-Designing via design attractor.

A light snack followed my a light nap at this breathtaking spot would just about make my day. Via nicety.

While not fit for napping, I can imagine enjoying a morning cup of coffee here would be just lovely. Via nicety.

That’s right. A hanging outdoor bed. While this area as a whole appears to be from a resort or million-dollar vacation home, the concept is inspiring and a clever homeowner could probably create the look sans the ocean view. Via sea sex & sun.

A built-in outdoor cushioned bench? Yes please. I especially love the creative use of the rod on the wall to hang some plush back support. Designed by Sandy Koepke via 79 ideas.

Another adorable outdoor dining area. Who needs an elaborate table setting with an overhead view like that? And a chandelier. Outside. Am I the only one that things that is just awesome? Via buddha interiors.

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    So he doesn’t want a yard but wants a big dog? Ha.

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