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September 14, 2011

Hello! I am feeling positively stuffed up this morning, though I’m pretty sure it’s just allergies. Did anyone else live their entire childhood without allergies and then suddenly develop them in their 20s? I’m upset about it. I refuse to buy allergy medicine; it is way too expensive.

Anyways, I got a lot done in my dining room yesterday! I painted for four straight hours (something I’d normally never have the patience for) and got a coat up on everything above the chair rail including the few spots in the kitchen that aren’t covered by cupboards or appliances. I used a higher quality paint than I have in the past (more details later), so one coat alone had very good coverage. Without all that bright yellow on the walls the room feels totally different, much calmer. I did end up going with Windswept Beach, which is an Olympic brand color. It is a super light gray, and so far I’m very pleased. Still to paint are possibly a second coat, the walls below the chair rail, and possibly the ceiling. When the project is complete, you can bet there will be pictures!

Isn’t home improvement so much fun? I just love it. Maybe you’ll find some inspiration for your own home in this batch of nice workspaces.

What an ingenious use of an old bed’s wire frame! This room works well because most of the clutter is confined to key locations. So even though there are a multitude of random objects both functional and decorative, their placement is purposeful and tidy looking. Bolig Liv via Dream rooms.

Gorgeous! The desk is a fantastic combination of weathered and ornate. I’m not a huge fan of the faux bamboo look on the chair, but the golden color is lovely. Trad Home via decorology.

Photographed by Teri Lyn Fisher via 79 ideas.

Such a cute spot to sit and paint, write, or daydream. The New York Times via 79 ideas.

This room would be completely boring if it wasn’t for those bright blue shutters. It’s such a sweet way to bring in color. Pippa Jameson Interiors via 79 ideas.

I love this color palette. Incredibly so. Via Pinterest.

How about that wall treatment! Style at Home via Sketch 42 via Pinterest.

It’s Abigail! Abigail Ahern the fabulous UK designer, that is. Images from this shoot by The Selby of Abigail’s home have been floating all over the blogosphere, but I had to share it with you.

Abigail is essentially my muse at the moment. I have been following her blog for a while now and I am constantly inspired and encouraged to push the way I think about interiors. I adore her sophisticated style punctuated with humorous pieces and her bold use of color and scale. One of her biggest talking points is the use of dark colors on walls, and this had no small part in my decision to go dark below the chair rail in my dining room. In fact it was entirely Abigail’s influence that you can thank for that one. She also wrote a post about keeping furniture off the walls. After a brief conversation with Abigail in the comments, I ignored my trepidation and went ahead and moved my living room furniture off the walls. I love it! She’s a genius. A mad, wonderful, gorgeous design genius.

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