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September 16, 2011

Hi! I’m in a good mood today, albeit a little sleepy. My boyfriend arrived safely home after being away for six days, and my sister who recently moved to Massachusetts just got a great job for the semester. Yay! I spent another evening painting my dining room on Wednesday. I got the second coat up above the chair rail and also painted the ceiling the same color, a decision I’m very happy with. I hope to be done with the project no later than mid-next week! Today let’s talk about what is increasingly becoming one of my favorite topics: the details in decorating!

This shot is so simple and yet so lovely. Even clothing items can become part of the decor. Photographed by Mary Beth Koeth via desire to inspire.

I have been really drawn to creative, eclectic framed art groupings lately. Displaying art that you love and have collected over time is a sure fire way to make a house a home. My walls are so dang bare. I recently procured a few pieces of art, but I’m not quite able to afford frames for them just yet, a source of my unending frustration. From the home of photographer Nancy Neil via Design*Sponge.

I love the use of this tiny wooden step ladder as a display surface and side table. Via Livet Hemma.

This shot is an excellent example of the types of objects you can use decoratively, some of which many people don’t think of. Paper items (beyond the typical framed art) like postcards, magazine tear-outs, and personal doodles are a big one that can be great to add character and fill blank spaces very inexpensively. Styled by Synnöve Mork for Elle Interiör via emmas designblogg.

Another shot from the home of fabulous UK designer Abigail Ahern that I talked about on Wednesday. Via The Selby.

I definitely wouldn’t select that wall color, but I like these nifty mirrors (or blackboards) with deep set frames that allow you to use them as little display surfaces or to hold functional items like pens or keys. These are available from theo, ranging from £35 to £135 depending on size.

The deep green color of this dresser is gorgeous. It might limit the color palette for a room, but it could be worth it. The items on top of the dresser are the classic go-to pieces for decorating: vessels and books. Other commonly used items are candles and boxes. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with using the typical fare for decorating your home. You should never feel compelled to do something different merely for the sake of being different. What matters is that you love it. And you can always shake things up with a more personal item here and there like the golden Buddha in the above shot. Via Design*Sponge.

Another wonderful example of a personal art collection as well as layering items to create depth. Again, I’m not so fond of the light blue wall color. Ironically, half of my living room is a very similar color to this. Ah, the learning process. Via Design*Sponge.

Have you started an art collection? Is it as wildly exciting and fulfilling as I think it is? Do you have a wall color that you’ve totally outgrown? What’s stopping you from changing it?

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