Relaxed and Refreshed

September 21, 2011

Does anybody else feel like they need a little mid-week pick-me-up? My life is pretty great right now, but of course there’s always a few things rolling around in my mind making me feel worried or apprehensive. It’s probably unrealistic to think we could ever completely escape the worries of life. It’s more important to focus on how we react to them and deal with it all in a way that is positive and won’t make our heads explode.

Do you have a place in you home where you can go to relax? A spot that encourages you to empty your mind of negativity and ponder all the happy things in life? I don’t really know what it’s like to have a designated spot for this, but I hear some folks use the tub. How about a relaxing soak to soothe our minds and muscles?

While I prefer natural light, candle light is wonderful, especially when you’re trying to unwind. I love the natural texture of the stone on the wall, and they did an excellent job creating surface area for soaps. And candles! Designed by Daun Curry.

A couple of our bathroom images today don’t feature tubs, but they’re just as lovely and relaxing. This is like a dream shower. Skylights are a thing of beauty. Via buddha interiors.

Natural light is the star in this room. Well that and the very modern tub. Per Jansson via desire to inspire.

That is a lot of white, but it’s successfully balanced with a color palette of natural woods and greens. Plants bring any room to life and are definitely excellent for the bathroom. (Just make sure it’s a species that can handle humidity!) Via buddha interiors.

I am swooning over this mix of light stone, dark wood, and black fur. And purple flowers! So very zen. Via It’s All About You /Fantastic Frank.

Via buddha interiors.

Such a pretty vanity. Via nicety.

I would like to spend the rest of my day right here, please. Well, maybe not the whole day. That might get a little ridiculous. 🙂 Designed by Daun Curry.

Don’t fret if you haven’t any gorgeous marble tubs to relax in. This is just one example of many ways you can get comfortable and refreshed at home. Maybe you have a window seat, a plush chaise, or a cozy library to escape to? If all else fails, there’s always good old bed. 🙂

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