Check These Facts Before You Choose Dark Or Colorful Paint Of Bedrooms

Dark Or Colorful Paint Of Bedrooms

Anyone who has a home must have had a situation when he was not sure whether to choose the dark or light color for the bedroom. The light and colorful paints are usually a safe choice, while the darker ones are usually somehow debated and not chosen that gladly. Still, when choosing between colorful and dark tones for your bedrooms, you should have in mind several things that are crucial for creating a good atmosphere and overall look.

Try to start small

This means that if you are not sure, you should start with small halfway painted in a dark color. For example, once you enter the house, the corridor should be black and then as you move along it towards to bedroom/living room, the color should become bright. In any way, you can start with a small painting and see if it look good, and then continue if you like it. If not, repaint it viola!


Check if there is enough natural light

Yes, it is important to check this when you thinking of darker colors. In case that your room does not have enough sunlight, you should avoid darker color on your wall as it will “consume” space and it will not look cool. If things are opposite, then you can go with dark variation and make a nice and classy bedroom. In that case, just use a few lighter elements to decorate the room.

lavender room

Colorful walls for more comfort

The lighter paints produce a more welcoming feeling and it is the reason why often people use these for bedrooms. Still, before you choose the variation, think of what you want to achieve. Have in mind that the dark color will make you jump out of bed in the morning, while the brighter ones will make snug inside and continue with sleeping.

Also, you will feel more comfortable with light ones in bedroom so make sure you define what you want to achieve in the first place. The painting is not hard work but it takes careful planning.

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