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October 3, 2011

I am really glad that I have an awesome bunch of photos here because there is not much else that is going well today. There’s something broken on my car, there’s something wrong with one of my toilets causing it to leak all over, and worst of all my boyfriend had to put down his dog this morning very unexpectedly. So needless to say I am a little bummed and stressed and looking forward to escaping for a moment with these great decorating shots.

Talk about a statement color! While I have warmed up considerably to pink, I’m a long way from using it this extensively. Plus I have a hard time imagining many men-of-the-house being okay with hot pink in the entryway. Still, gorgeous to look at, is it not? And great accessories. From Greenwich.

Via Nuevo Estilo.

I just love the composition and colors of this shot. Those flowers are adorable. From Sweet Paul Magazine Fall 2011.

There is so much awesome going on here. I love the energetic orange as the primary color. That cabinet is gorgeous and the accessories speak to each other so well. Would you ever use such a bold color in this way? It’d certainly wake up a tired room! Styled by Claire Larritt-Evans via 79 ideas.

Via small shop.

Ever thought to cluster candles under a side table? I certainly hadn’t. Designed by Daun Curry.

When I first saw this image my jaw literally dropped. The blue ceiling adds the perfect amount of color, the chandelier is breathtaking, the furniture is wonderful, and I love a good cluster of frames. Designed by Daun Curry via small shop.

I’m so smitten with very personal little collected displays like this. (Click on it to view it much larger and clearer.) I’ve always liked Marilyn Monroe, she’s gorgeous. I also love golden frames so the use of one alone here is really making me happy. The home of Colin Tunstall via The Selby.

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  • Reply Liz October 3, 2011 at 12:16 pm

    So many things I love about this post:
    -That chair in the first image
    -The mirror in the second image
    -That collage of frames – I love that look SO much, I want to try it in my apartment, but I don’t have enough photos!

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