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Lighting in Dining Rooms

October 7, 2011
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There seems to be no shortage of really awesome dining rooms meeting my eyeballs lately. Perhaps I’m more tuned into them since I recently repainted my own dining room?

I love the curvy lines in these chairs. Designed by Buckingham Interiors + Design via desire to inspire.

Stylistically I appreciate this a lot, but realistically it is far too white and blank for my tastes. But I do love those wooden chairs and the baby blue tabletop. And can we talk about that light fixture? It is awesome, but I wouldn’t use it in a dining room. Maybe as a reading light or a quirky accent in a kid’s room. Designed by Mela & Vanamo via 79 ideas.

How about a jolt of moody loveliness? The warm, dim light in this room makes my heart beat faster. An excellent study in how lighting can transform a room. Most people I know seem to think the more a room is flooded with light, the better. But sometimes several dim sources of light casting shadows and creating an ambient glow is so much more appropriate. Abigail Ahern would be proud. (Although of course she’d also slap up some dark, sludgy paint on the walls pronto.) Photographed by Mai-Linh via desire to inspire.

More magic with light. And oh so gorgeous soft colors. Styled by Sara Sjögren, photographed by Patric Johansson for Elle Interiör via emmas designblogg.

Bare bulbs hung from colorful chords are a favorite of mine. And that horse is cute. Via Au Coin du Monde.

A cute and attainable little dining area. What do you think of the light fixture? It looks like it has a tutu. Haha. I like it. Via dream rooms.

Elle Decor via Atelier Abigail Ahern.

This is a case where a room flooded with light is just perfect. I love a lot of things about this, but by far my favorite is that insanely large floral arrangement on the table. You might as well have a small tree on your table. I love it so much. I mean seriously, wouldn’t you smile every time you walked by that? I sure would. Elle Decor via decorology.

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