Decorating with Neon, Etc.

October 17, 2011

I’d love to hear a few more opinions on Design Voice Survey #3 before the results are posted tomorrow!

It’s about that time when enough days have gone by since I completed my last home improvement task that I’m itching to start the next one, however I have one major problem with that: no monies. I promised myself that I would not make any “unnecessary” purchases for at least one month which started on October 7th, so I’ve still got a ways to go. BUT that doesn’t mean I can’t plan! 🙂

When I moved into my place 18 months ago I had quite the disastrous time getting my queen size boxspring up the stairs and in the process knocked a couple half dollar sized holes in the wall as well as scraped paint in various places. Every time my mother comes over she asks me, “Doesn’t that bother you? When are you going to get that fixed?” No mom, it doesn’t really bother me. But she’s right, it’s time. Also kind of hilariously overdue, is re-hanging the hand rail for that same stairwell which was taken down for painting. I actually fell down those stairs last week, so yeah… hand rail would be a good idea. I’m definitely going to buy new hardware for it and may even try my hand at staining it. It’ll be a while before I can get to that but I’ll be sure to share anything interesting with you guys!

Perhaps you’ve heard, but neon is super in right now. Especially in fashion but of course the worlds of fashion and interiors are forever influencing each other. Neon is such a wildly energizing presence in a room. It can take a room from dull to exciting with ease. Photographed by Marjon Hoogervorst via desire to inspire.

A superb art wall. Utilizing every available spot on this wall creates a huge impact. They’ve chosen pieces with simple and similar color palettes so the collection works well as a whole. Photographed by Magnus Selander via nicety.

Vintage art, industrial light, rustic stool, tribal rug- so many different points of origin working beautifully together. Via My White Room.

I love this charcoal color and that lion print is fantastic. Photographed by Petra Bindel, styled by Tina Hellberg, via emmas designblogg.

A great example of one of my favorite unexpected ways to decorate: hanging textiles. It doesn’t need to be a tapestry meant for hanging either. This is an embroidered wedding cloth. How delightful is the idea to hang art over it? Not sure how the homeowner accomplished it without puncturing the cloth, though. The home of Paige Morse via Design*Sponge.

Photographed by Nina Broberg via Livet Hemma.

More neon! Even used sparingly it is very effective. Via A Creative Mint.

These colors are magnificent. If your home can pull if off, by all means go for it. Except perhaps not the carpet. Via Atelier Abigail Ahern.

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