Have Some Fun With Kids’ Rooms

Happy Friday, friends. I completely destroyed that promise I made to myself about not making any “unnecessary” purchases for a month. Totally destroyed. First I bought a pair of jeans (which admittedly I really needed), and then World Market had to go and have a one day sale on their candle holders. From the below picture I purchased two taper holders and two tealight holders. Normally I gravitate towards pillars but I didn’t like how a pillar candle covered up so much of the flower design in this case.  Further proof that I’m obsessed with gold, brass, and bronze tones. I wish I had company more often so I could have an excuse to use these! I suppose I could just light candles for myself.  Do people do that?

I don’t feel too badly about purchasing these, mainly because they were so cheap ($3.37 each after a 25% off sale and a 10% off coupon). I also relish the chance to own a few more decorative objects, as I hardly have any as it is. There is this concept that apparently some fortunate folks take for granted that one can have enough household bits and bobs to actually “rotate stock” so to speak, periodically switching things out to keep it all fresh. Yeah I’m not there yet. What you see is what I got and it still looks bare. Can anybody relate?

Forgive the tangent intro today, because the rest of this post has nothing to do with candle holders. What I’ve got for you is a collection of children’s rooms. Enjoy!

I love this room for an older child.Via Schöener Wohnen.

Andy Martin Studio via desire to inspire.

How fun is that little loft? Via my ideal home.

Great bold colors in this room! Martha Stewart Living via Bright.Bazaar.

Cutest bookends ever. Styled by Cia Wedin, photographed by Johan Sellen.

Via My White Room.

I love the use of such a dark wall color in this nursery. It’s very unexpected and somehow still sweet with its pink undertones. Via Design*Sponge.

The vibe of this room is so soft and dreamy. Some pillows on the floor offer a perfect spot for cuddling and story reading.  Via nicety.

Have a great weekend!

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  1. Caitlin Cheevers says:

    Christina, your blog is wonderful. It makes me wish I had a place of my own to decorate. Or, you know… money to buy things to decorate.



  1. […] left to right: Source: design-vox | Photography: Johan Sellen | Stylist: Cia Wedin, Source: Apartment Therapy , Source: Made by […]


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