Guest Post: Helen Davies on Small Bathrooms

November 29, 2011

This morning we have a guest post, a design-vox first! The gracious Helen Davies of  Better Bathrooms comes to us today with some words of wisdom on solutions for small bathrooms. Helen works in the UK as a professional interior designer and blogger so look no further for a little free expertise!

So you’re looking for a solution to your small bathroom space that doesn’t involve knocking through walls and remodelling the whole upper floor of your home?

Via Houzz.

It is possible, with even just a little advance planning and sage shopping, to transform a poky bathroom space into… well, not a huge room but… a room that looks and feels more spacious. If you want acres of floor space, you’ll need to take a sledgehammer to those walls, I’m afraid.

It’s all about perceptions. To put it simply, if you can see more floor space, you assume the floor area is bigger. Try an experiment in your local bathroom showroom, if you like. Compare two similar sized (or ideally same sized) bathroom ‘sets’; one with wall hung bathroom furniture, the other with floor standing units. The one with wall hung cabinets will seem larger.

To transfer this trick to your bathroom, install both wall hung bathroom cabinets and wall hung sanitaryware (toilet and wash basin).

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Plan the layout of your cabinets in advance: make sure that there’s plenty room to move around the bathroom, as your space will feel more cramped if you fill it too full, even despite all your wall hung fixtures! You need at least 60cm of user access in front of your sink and a similar amount of space for your other fixtures, too. It might help to draw on your walls and floor, or draw a room plan in the yard outside, so you can see how your ideas might pan out in practice and be sure you’re comfortable with the layout and space you’re giving yourself.

Via Houzz.

A lot of bathroom remodelling is good common sense. Choose those bathroom cabinets that offer you the most internal storage for the exterior space they take up: this way you’ll need less of them, which means a more spacious bathroom and (hopefully) some cash left over for bathroom accessories (or just a new pair of shoes!).

Thinking about the type of bathroom cabinets that might make the most sense for you is helpful too: if you buy and store in bulk, you need big cupboards that’ll take a lot of stuff; if you’re more inclined toward neatly arranged bottles of nail colour and smaller jars and tubes of products, easy to arrange drawers are likely to suit you better. And of course, no one is saying you can’t have a mixture of storage solutions – make sure you position each cabinet where it will be most efficient. Storing bulky stuff you don’t need everyday down at floor level in a corner, say, and keeping your day-to-day items easily accessible in a handy, above basin medicine cabinet.

Via Woman Magazine.

Other tricks you can adopt to ‘enlarge’ a bathing space include using light colours so that your walls don’t seem to ‘close in’ on you and adding mirrored or light-reflecting surfaces (such as metallic or highly polished tile) to your bathroom decor. It’s amazing the impact small changes can have on a small space.

Thanks so much Helen! 
P.S. I’ll be back in a few hours to post
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