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Results – Design Voice Survey #7

December 13, 2011

Design Voice Survey #7 was about this kitchen:

Via Amber Interior Design.

  • Our gut reaction to this room was mostly favorable: 60% thought it was quite nice and 10% absolutely loved it. 30% were not fans.
  • Despite a good gut feeling, more of us did not think we would choose this style for our own kitchen, 40% probably not and 20% definitely not.
  • We all thought there was at least some attractive elements to the look. 40% said some of it is attractive, 50% said a lot of it, and 10% said all of it.
  • The most liked features of the room were the wood floors and the island. Least popular were the chairs and the floral arrangement.
  • The best thing about the room is its uniqueness, and the worst is its accessorizing.

These results were some of the more fascinating we’ve had! Most interesting to me is that 60% of us would not choose this style, but 100% recognized that there were in fact some nice things about the room. I think that question (“Regardless of whether or not you would personally choose this style, do you think there is anything attractive about it?”) is an excellent addition to our surveys. It forces us to look at rooms that we may not like and see the potential and the good ideas (if they exist).

I also really enjoyed seeing which specific pieces in the room you guys liked. The floors are gorgeous and the island (though a little out of the ordinary) was also very popular. 60% of us also liked the marble countertops (love them!), gray cabinets, and open storage. I am shocked that only 40% liked the lights, because I am in love with them. 🙂

In the comments, folks talked about the pros and cons of pot racks and how in this instance it seems to just add to the cluttered look of the room (which was also mentioned several times as a weakness for this design). Another idea brought up was that the white and gray palette is too plain and could be helped a lot by some more color.

I loved reading these results. Thank you all for voting and commenting!

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