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December 14, 2011

So it’s gray skies and pouring rain outside and I have a flat tire. Not the greatest morning ever. I am trying not to let the circumstances bum me out too much, because life’s too short to spend it feeling sorry for yourself. It’s hard though. I have the worst luck with tires!

Today I have for you a lovely collection of exterior shots. Enjoy!

A grand and beautiful entrance. Via Design Darling.

Via my ideal home.

Homes that are humble in size can have fantastic curb appeal too.  Via desire to inspire.

This home looks fabulous at night thanks to all those lights. Via nicety.

This home reminds me of a castle, and I love that. The variations in material and intricate architecture are endlessly charming. And it’s in the mountains. So enviable. Via my ideal home.

Big but not foreboding. Sleek but not stark. And totally luxurious. Photographed by Robertino Nikolic via Schöner Whonen.

I think this is the only façade in today’s batch that could be described as modern, which is interesting because previously I gravitated mostly towards the modern look. My tastes really are evolving! What I like about this home is the interesting windows and most of all the sweet planters bursting with plants. Great tree too. By LineBox Studio via desire to inspire.

Out of all of these, this is the one that I think I would choose for myself. I like the varied roof lines, the generous staircase up to what looks like a very nice deck, the well-placed bushes and trees, and most of all the windows! Via desire to inspire (follow the link for a shocking “before” photo of this home!).

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  • Reply Mama December 14, 2011 at 5:03 pm

    Love this post. But then you know I love architecture/houses. Don’t worry too much about the flat tire. You have wonderful men in your life who will help you. <3

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