Peach Pink Flowers and Other Way To Decorate

January 5, 2012

Apologies for the sparse blogging this week! I’ve had some time off from work and have been taking advantage of that to spend lots of time with family and friends plus a little time for myself (or in other words, shopping).

Next week my classes start (read more about that here) so hopefully I will soon have an idea of whether or not I’m going to need to go light on the blogging for a while due to the added responsibility.

Today I have a lovely little photographic round up of decorative details.

There is something about bright pinky peach flowers that I find endlessly cheery and endearing. I had a conversation with a friend yesterday about how we both wish we brought fresh flowers into our homes more often. Do you often decorate with flowers? The difficulty for me is mostly the cost (I’m afraid I’d become addicted and want to buy $30 worth of flowers every week) but also I’m unsure of the best place to find nice flowers in my area. Pre-arranged supermarket bouquets are not exactly ideal, in my opinion. Perhaps I should reexamine this idea in the Spring when I hope to finally locate a farmer’s market. From Lonny Mag June/July 2012, designed by David Cafiero.

Notice that these first two photos are both in bathrooms? Mia of Trendey and I both agree that the bathroom is a sadly neglected room of the house and can be decorated with just as much flair and personality as any other space! Heart Home Magazine via trendey.

Okay so, this is wacky. I’ll admit it. But I think a bit of wacky can be a very good thing, even if you only pause to chuckle. Wacky makes you think, and perhaps see things differently and consider things you wouldn’t have otherwise. Like, for example, a gaggle of stuffed and mounted birds. Truly this menagerie is a little too out there (and a tad creepy?) for most of us, but I love proudly displayed collections. And take a look at the other elements of the room (the photo gets much larger if you click it). I love the display cases, the empty frame leaned on the floor, the apothecary jars, the textured wall treatment, and the vintage portrait. Via IKEA’s Livet Hemma.

A vignette with all the classic pieces: art, sculptures, a light fixture, picture frame, vase, books, and a box. From Lonny Mag Jul/Aug 2011, design by Lauren Gold.

Oh, and one more classic piece to add here: candles. I like how they’ve used three quite different candlesticks. Repeat after me: Everything does not need to match! From Lonny Mag Apr/May 2010, designed by Ashley Putman.

So dang pretty. I lovely long console table, two massive mirrors, and well chosen accessories. For my own tastes I’d dial down the shabby (like the worn paint finish on the mirrors) and dial up the color just a bit. The home of Harriet Maxwell and Andrew Corrie (owners of Ochre), featured on Remodelista, photographed by Ditte Isager, found via

Pink, creamy whites, and gold. Definitely a favorite color palette of mine. I need some flowers in my life! From Better Homes and Gardens found via Nester Smith on Pinterest, originally pinned by Marissa Sexton.

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    I really love those twin mirrors over the console table! That set up is very attractive. I love how the rustic wood from the frame and the table coordinate.

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