Bedrooms & The End of a Good Week

January 13, 2012

Well I had a pretty good week! As mentioned earlier, I returned to school this week to take two Interior Design classes. One of them is a history course which, while history isn’t currently a huge interest of mine, I do look forward to gaining a better understanding of period styles and the terminology associated with them. The other class has a broader focus on housing and home furnishings in general and a big part of the class will be spent learning to design and draft interiors. I had no idea going into it that we would be drafting, but I think it’s going to be a great skill to explore and obviously is something important to learn if I ever intend to be a designer.

While in school, I will probably be posting with slightly less frequency. Perhaps 2 or 3 times a week. I don’t want to disappear altogether but schoolwork is definitely going to be the priority. Because I want to learn! Weird, right?

A lovely cut-out architectural detail in this wall creates the perfect place for a bed. From Lonny Mag May/June 2011, designed by Todd Alexander Romano.

The furniture in this room is way more traditional than I usually go for, but there’s a lot of more current trends being utilized that warm me up to it. In particular the arm chair closest to the camera is upholstered in a cute and simple striped pattern, and the bright canary yellow chair to the left of the bed. These upholstery choices really liven up the place and bring it into the 21st century. As a side note, have you ever seen such high gloss walls? Like whoa. Via My Favorite and My Best.

I appreciate this casual, modern, and natural vibe with a dash of beachy. I think I’m in love with the ingenious floating canopy. From Design Remont, found via decorology.

The Oriental style wall decoration would not be my first choice, but it certainly does create a lovely and warm backdrop. I love the color choices on the bed. From Vogue Living Jan/Feb 2012, designed by Patricia Stewart, photographed by Petrina Tinslay, found via My White Room.

Guh! This is stunning. Photographed beautifully, this all white room reads as cozy and soft. I dig the look of fabrics draped on the floor, however impractical they may be. The London home of designer Kelly Hoppen via Design Field Notes.

A good use of contrast and color. I’m not a big fan of faux bamboo furniture but that little yellow nightstand is pretty cute. Photographed by Donna Griffith via Style at Home.

Once again a cute kitty sways my opinion, but this room is pretty in its own right. The home of Nelly and Samuel, photographed by Heather Robbins, via desire to inspire.

Bedroom: Done

This gorgeous bedroom is best viewed larger on Flickr. All those windows, all those plants, and all that cozy warmth just melts me. By abchao on Flickr.

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  • Reply Brian January 13, 2012 at 12:15 pm

    Any idea what kind of animal was used for that rug next to the bed with the kitty? The last bedroom featured is awesom.. except for the jackolope antlers above the bed!

    • Reply Christina Ebbers January 13, 2012 at 2:32 pm

      The origin of that animal hide rug is not obvious to me either. I read through a page of comments on that home in which the owner conversed with several folks who were upset about the use of a “dead animal skin” and she never actually clarified what animal it is. Someone guessed goat, and that is what I thought of first as well. If you’re very curious I have her email address and can try to get a hold of her.

      The use of animal hides is a very touchy subject and I think the juxtaposition with a sweet and very much alive kitty cat in that photo is particularly jarring to some.

      Don’t like the antlers? Is it just their appearance that you don’t like or the use of “dead animal parts”? I don’t have a problem with it ethically, but I agree that antlers and wall-mounted taxidermy in general are not my cup of tea. But I’m glad you like the rest of the room! 🙂

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