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Living Rooms + Using Neon Accents

January 16, 2012

Happy Monday!  How was your weekend? I got a little giddy on Saturday purchasing drafting tools for my Home Furnishings class. It made me feel all fancy and cool and pseudo-professional to be buying an architect’s scale and special pencils and other silly things like that. Here’s hoping I keep up this momentum for the whole semester! Now for some living rooms…

The built-ins are lovely, as are the golden/brass accents, and that purple rug is a star. A nice deep purple is a great hue to try out if you normally shy away from big splashes of color. It’s bold and exciting but still very sophisticated. From Lonny Mag May/June 2011, designed by Angie Hranowsky.

The artful use of green decor makes this room feel very pulled together. From Heart Home Magazine via decorology.

I just really love anything golden or brass right now. I also love tapestries, though I always feel like I would only hang one if it meant something to me personally. I think I need to visit a far away land and then bring back a beautiful tapestry to remind me of the awesome experience. Or… I could just find one that is so stunning that I don’t care where it came from. That could happen too. From Lonny Mag Aug/Sep 2010, designed by Callie Jenschke.

Photographed by Lauren Ishak for The New York Times.

Somehow I started loving pink. I was one of those teenagers of the mindset that pink was too girly girl for me, but when I opened up to it again I realized how fantastically cheerful and fun the color can be. Usually I like it in small vibrant doses, but a softer version spread delicately throughout a room like this is also lovely. Via Apartment Therapy.

Super bold and graphic, while not exactly my taste, is very fun to admire. Photographed by Mark Gregory Peters.

You’ll see in this photo and the next that a trend I am quite fond of is the use of bright neon colors, especially in smallish decorative pieces. It’s a far cry from the incredibly neutral and tame interiors I used to gravitate towards. There’s just something so invigorating and fun about colors like these.

This is one of the trends that, while wholeheartedly embraced by many people involved and interested in the design world, will probably face a very slow if not stagnant trickle into the minds of most people. Most folks in my area seem to want rooms that are serene, coordinated, simple and classic. While those are all positive things, and I definitely see the value in striving for timeless design, I don’t want my whole environment to be serene. Some of it I want to be tantalizing and fresh. And that’s what neon colors do for me. What do you think?

That wonderful pinky orange lampshade is practically florescent it’s so bright! This is a gorgeous room. And the beauty of taking risks in color with your accent pieces is that they are so easily changed out. Pillows and even lampshades are simple to replace if you’ve moved on to the next greatest trend. Photographed by Pernilla Hed for Sköna Hem, via interiors porn.

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