Finding Your Bathroom Style

February 9, 2012

One of the aspects of being an interior designer that has always mystified me is the issue of having to design a room for someone else’s tastes, not your own. In my class last night we were assigned a project in which we design a room with a randomly chosen classmate standing in as a client.

At first this made me horribly nervous because I have so little experience designing let alone designing for someone else, but as I began to interview my “client” I found myself feeling totally at ease. I loved asking questions and hearing her answers and trying to figure out what it is she likes. She wants a living room that feels royal, rich, feminine, and sophisticated. Her style is much more traditional than mine. It will be interesting to see if I can pull this off, making her happy but also being true to my own design aesthetic.

I am bewilderingly eager to get started on the project. I want to see if I can do this! I’ll let you guys know how it goes (except if I fail miserably, then I may just keep it to myself). In the mean time, here’s some lovely bathroom shots!

I love white bathrooms. The mix of smooth white surfaces with marbled tile on the walls and penny tile on the floor provides visual interest. By Max Kim-Bee for Country Living via My White Room.

Another white bathroom, this one featuring dinosaurs. Oh yeah. Via Skona Hem.

Black. I love it. Via Nuevo Estilo.

I would never use that wallpaper. But I would consider the tile. And I would love that vanity so hard. Photographed by Mark Gregory Peters.

Pretty and soft. Love a stack of books. From an Irish country manor via Design Tripper and KAPOW on Pinterest.

Love the detail in the window and the view especially. From Iriarte Jauregia via nicety.

So deliciously serene. This is about as ideal as it gets in my opinion. Photographed by Daniel Hertzell via desire to inspire.

If you’re going to pick a room to go full out zen serenity, I think the bathroom is a great one to choose as is evidenced by the photo before this one. As much as I love that look, I am also totally swept off my feet by bathrooms like this one. That tile is fantastic and the repetition of yellow in the portrait is excellent. Which would you choose? Zen simplicity or playful color? Perhaps a mix? Photographed by Stephen Karlisch for D Magazine via Amber Interior Design.

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    The Black is my favorite. Thanks for sharing!

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