Decorate: Warm and Cool Colors

Hello beautiful light mint walls! And hello stunning dark blue door with an absurdly centered doorknob! That knob can’t be terribly practical, and some functionality-obsessed professionals may cry foul, but that thing is beautiful and unique and probably not opened often anyway so get over it! Also this is endorsed by Martha Stewart so take that. Photographed by Jonny Valiant, found via Homme Maker.

The home of Heather Nette King via the design files, found on My White Room.

So sweetly vintage. By dottie angel on Flickr, via first home.

Love the use of black here. This space feels very masculine but it’s still totally accessible to a feminine viewer. The home of Tommy Smythe via Savvy Home.

Via delight by design.

I love this style of mid-century credenza. The top is expertly styled. Via tránsito inicial.

This is honestly not my style, but I do love jewel tones and there’s a whole lot of them up in here. Do you like a room in all cool colors? Via little blue deer.

Or do you prefer all warm hues like in this room? Generally I think a mix of cool (blue, green, violet) and warm (red, orange, yellow) colors is pleasing, but it can have a dramatic effect to fill a room with all one or the other. Photographed by Mark Gregory Peters via desire to inspire.

I find this color scheme very attractive. It includes both the warm red and cool purple plus a muted tone of blue on the wall. Blue, purple, and red lie next to each other on the color wheel and therefore have an easy and pleasing relationship to one another. The neutrals are an important part of the picture too; don’t forget those! From Hus O Hem via 79 ideas.

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  1. Fantastic collection of images. I am in love with that dark door and knob.


  2. Lovely & inspiring. I especially adore that sweet, pastel vintage room.


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