I have returned!

April 26, 2012

Oh man oh man! I am so happy to be writing this right now. It has been two weeks since I posted! And what a two weeks it was. Yesterday I presented my big final project for school, so now I am free! With all the time I suddenly find myself with, I’m feeling particularly motivated to fix things up around my house! Of course budget constraints prevent me from jumping into anything too crazy, but we’ll see if I can’t figure something out.

Despite my absence I have still been saving up images for you guys behind the scenes, so there will be no shortage of inspiration to come!

Soft pinks and brass. Still a favorite. I also love textiles that are meant to be wrinkled like this. What do you think? Krickelin via Trendey.

Mmm, yummy black. I adore the texture of this wall. I need to make friends with a faux-finish painter or something. Via Mo+Mo Living.

Yay for more pink and gold! It works particularly well on top of such a lovely neutral palette. Martha Stewart Living via SF Girl by Bay.

Does everyone else love gold as much as I do? And black? Via Livet Hemma.

Super clean and streamlined interiors have been catching my eye lately. It’s not really a style I’m going for in my own home, but it certainly is refreshing and pleasing to the eye, wouldn’t you agree? And I love that art. NY Times via nicety.

Something about this pale yellow is just right. And how cute are the little cards pinned to the wall with clothespins? That is an adorable and affordable way to hang some mementos! The home of Tara Mangini and Percy Bright via Design*Sponge.

Love that dresser. Micasa via nicety.

This is just wow. The use of yellow and blue is impeccable, that artwork is so delightfully flashy and colorful, and the way the cloche bell jar mirrors the massive candle hurricanes is wonderful. And who wouldn’t want striped green candles? I know this look is very bold and possibly a little much for some tastes, but I think it’s fabulous and would love to bring a touch of this aesthetic into my home. What do you think? I’m dying for your opinions! Liz Caan via Design Manifest.

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