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What to do with that unused corner?

May 7, 2012

Is there an empty spot in your home that you aren’t sure what to do with? If there’s enough space for it, creating a little sitting area is a great option. Reading, chatting, relaxing, or sipping your beverage of choice can all feel a little more special if there’s a special place to do it in. Sure there’s seating all over your home, but I’ve always loved the idea of creating one spot where there’s no TV or other typical distraction. Just a comfy cushion for your bum and space for your mind to relax.

It has been proven to me time and again that those inexpensive IKEA shelves really can look wonderful if styled well. I own the version that is only two columns of four cubes each, and I have thus far super struggled to get it to look nice. I recently removed a few things from it thinking perhaps less is more in this instance, but it still looks haphazard and cheap. Maybe I should try this stuffed to the brim method? The home of Devin Kirk for Elle Decor, via Simply Smitten.

Big pillows up the comfy factor for this lovely spot. Don’t like the upholstery on your piece? If you can work with the casual vibe it produces, simply draping an appropriately sized blanket over it can be transformative. I don’t particularly like capiz shell light fixtures normally, but the soft warm glow this one produces and it’s eye-catching shape make it a winner. Photographed by Enrique Menossi via desire to inspire.

I used to be like madly in love with this chair, the Saarinen Womb Chair. While I still love it I’ve started to wonder if it would truly fit in with my style. Given it’s starting price of $3,282 plus $968 for the ottoman, the world may never know. Of course if I happened upon a reasonably priced one that was used or a reproduction, I might just pounce. The home of Grace Hsiu, photographed by Laure Joliet, styled by Morgan Satterfield and Abby Stone for Design*Sponge, via

Mmmmm. Pink and black. I particularly love that rug. Just the perfect coral-pink hue. And yes, please do mix your rusty chandelier with your shiny mirrored coffee table. Such a great contrast. From the home of designer Amy Howard, via Cote de Texas, via The Beautiful Soup.

That friends, is a wallpaper. A completely epic wallpaper by the Paris-based company Minakani Walls. Certainly a bold design choice if I ever saw one. Do you like it? Minakani Walls has several other wallpapers that may have a little more mass appeal. I particularly like “Cloudy“. Via Christine Martinez on Pinterest, repinned from Amy Sia.

Photographed by David Tsay via desire to inspire.

Have I convinced you to love dark wall colors yet? I was just chatting with my sister and brother-in-law last night about how I want to repaint my living room but haven’t yet begun to think about what color to use. Not too long ago I was all about very light walls, even white, but now I’ve been increasingly drawn to very dark walls, even black. So who knows what I’ll end up with whenever I actually get around to painting. I’ll certainly keep you posted. 🙂 Photographed by Maree Homer via desire to inspire.

I just really really love that leopard. And the way his green background looks against the blue wall. Beautiful. Designed by Robert Passal for Traditional Home, via Savvy Home.

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