Shopping Adventure #2: New 2 You & White Barn Thrift Store

May 23, 2012

If you’re an email subscriber and you received this twice, sorry! The first one was an incomplete version that I accidentally published. *headdesk*

I suppose I could call this Shopping Adventures #2 AND #3, but I’m not going to. That’s right folks, two stores for your perusing today.

If you’re new to this series I’ll bring you up to speed:

I am embarking on the very ambitious (read: slightly insane) task of visiting every single store that sells home goods down several miles of 28th Street (a major commercial road in Grand Rapids, MI) and the surrounding area. And you, lucky reader, will be subjected to it all! The goals of this venture are:

  • To know my city better.
  • To get off my bum.
  • To familiarize myself with what you can get for your money.
  • To make note of nice stores for future clients. (Yeah!)
  • And of course: it’s an excuse to shop!

Previous Adventures:
#1 – Gorman’s

New 2 You Shoppe. That’s pronounced “shop-PAY”. No not really.

Click here for New 2 You’s website and location.

They call themselves an “Upscale Thrift Store”, and I guess I can see that. I guess. Okay yeah, I’ll give it to them. Here’s what it looks like when you walk in the door.

They definitely organize and display their inventory better than your typical Goodwill or Salvation Army. In that way they are more “upscale”. But don’t expect to walk in here and find oodles of high quality and super tasteful stuff. This is still a place where people unload their undesirables.

Please note: The prices shown here represent what I saw the day I visited these stores. The same products and prices may or may not be available currently.

However, you and me both know that one man’s junk could be this gal’s treasure. Funny little fancy brass candlesticks for $6.50? Not anything I was looking to buy but worth a mention. Thrift store artwork can be an excellent way to fill empty walls on a budget. I thought this purple and creamy orange floral was pretty.

That furniture-heavy section is only one corner of the store. They sell virtually everything. Furniture, accessories, clothing, electronics, lighting, linens, kitchenware, toys, etc. Above you can see how they hang dozens of fixtures from the ceiling. You’ll notice that pretty much all the fixtures look to be fairly outdated, but most of them are very cheap. I actually purchased my dining room light from this store back in 2010. I think it was like $20. You’re probably not going to find your dream chandelier here, but if you’re on a tight budget it’s totally worth a look.

There’s quite a lot of decent nick-nacks to be found here.

And even some pretty interesting larger pieces. I love the brass frame and pulls on this dresser. The odd purpley finish is a little unfortunate but if you were looking for something interesting in the $65 range, it’d be a good option.

Have a look at that cute little creamy white vase with golden detail along the lip and bottom. $2.50? Don’t mind if I do.

So yes, I took the $2.50 vase home. He works much better here than the skinnier, less substantial vase I had been using before. Yay cheap stuff!

New 2 You is definitely a great stop to make if you’re in a thrifting mood. The prices are pretty much unbeatable and the selection is impressive. Check it out!

Next store! This sign caught my eye a few weeks ago when I was in the parking lot next door. As far as marketing goes, those are all the words that immediately grab my interest.

Click here for White Barn’s website and location.

Confession: The first time I went here, for some reason I only took one picture. Of the item I ended up buying. Where was my brain? So I went back yesterday and took some more. 🙂

This shop is pretty tiny, and frankly I didn’t have super high hopes. But I was proven quite wrong. Both times I visited I ended up making a purchase. So clearly they must be doing something right.

A great shade of teal on these affordable stools.

I thought this tabletop shelving unit was adorable. For only $22.50, part of me wishes I’d picked it up. But it felt a little wobbly and I wasn’t sure where I’d put it.

These frames were quite cute and nicely displayed.

An interesting lamp. A little too shabby chic for my tastes but fits right in for a place called “White Barn”. Didn’t catch the price, but I believe it was around $30-40.

I pretty much stopped in my tracks. This was the one photo that I took the first time I visited. Copper and gold goodness! When I saw the $7 price tags on the two smaller items i thought for sure the big sugar canister would be too much. IT WAS $4! After some debate I grabbed the big canister and the cup. Sorry little bowl.

Two very unassuming little framed floral prints. For some reason I had to have them. I liked the subtle colors and how antique the paper looked with its yellow coloring. They were $2.50 a piece. More on them in a moment.

So in conclusion, White Barn Thrift store is pretty neat. It’s small, and I’m not sure how quickly they’re able to rotate inventory, but they clearly have good taste and excellent prices. Definitely worth popping into from time to time. 🙂

Here’s where the copper and gold goodness is living in my home after a good cleaning. So shiny! This is a cubby in my Expedit bookshelf in my living room. I love the color of copper, and it’s quite trendy right now. Winning.

Plus: gold detailing?! I mean really.

So like I said, I liked these prints. But what I did not like so much is their beaten up frames. I decided to try my hand at painting them. Above you’ll see a few color options, but I’m going to leave you hanging there. I’m currently still in the middle of the project and it isn’t exactly going smoothly, haha. You know I’ll keep you posted!

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  • Reply Mama May 23, 2012 at 1:22 pm

    Well and of course proceeds from New 2 You go to benefit Grand Rapids Christian Schools, where you received and excellent education I might add.

  • Reply Cathy (InspiredDesign) May 30, 2012 at 10:43 pm

    I’m on a similar quest on the other side of the state! I look forward to your adventures!

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