So Cute You Might Just Squeal – Kids’ Rooms

May 30, 2012

Beautiful kid’s rooms are not easy to come by. Partly because, you know, kids are little mess machines. But I’m still hopeful that my future little ones will at least have a lovely backdrop on which to make their messes. ūüôā

The most appropriate texture for a child’s room: soft. And lots of it!¬†Via Style at Home.¬†

Personally, I think chalk boards have been a touch overused lately. Everyone’s like, “Chalkboard paint! It’s a thing! Gotta use it everywhere!” And I’m all, “Whoa, slow your roll. Let’s be intentional about this.” I just don’t think there’s many spaces that can really carry both a jet black hue AND the inevitable scrappy mess that writing all over your surfaces with chalk entails.¬†However, a child’s room is certainly an excellent place to give it consideration. I love the use of it in the space above.¬†Photographed by Petra Bindel via From Scandinavia with Love.

An excellent example of the use of neutrals in a child’s room that still feels youthful and fun. This room is painfully adorable, really.¬†Designed by Sissy + Marley, photographed by Marco Ricca, via Design*Sponge.

Clearly the star of this room is the wallpaper the adorable baby. Okay no but really that wallpaper is slammin’. Such a large scale! So whimsical! I think I have to have it.¬†By Minakani Walls.

Any time a room is large enough to accomdate floating a bed in the center:¬†try it. In general furniture pulled off the walls makes the room feel both airy and intimate. I’m also really digging that wall of shelves. Any amount of shelves are¬†not easy to style, let alone a whole wall of them! And with a child’s belongings no less, which tend to be rainbow-y and mismatched. Coordinating things horizontally worked wonders in this instance. A row of dolls, a row of books, of row of boxes, a row of stuffed animals… just genius. Designed by David Mann, photographed by Nikolas Koenig for Architectural Digest.

Love love love that teepee! Jute Interior Design via nicety.

So good! It’s scary how well the art matches the bedspread. And how adorable is that sentiment on the smaller art piece? “The best thing about me is you.”¬†Styled by Lotta Agaton, photographed by Petra Bindel, via From Scandinavia with Love.

The baby is definitely the cutest part of this shot, but the rest of it is holding its own. Love the playful art, the shiny rug, and the hanging mobile-like… thing. Haha.¬†Photography and styling by¬†Andrew & Amelia L√∂nngren Widell, A Beautiful Living via The Beautiful Soup.

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