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These Dining Rooms Are So Good

June 13, 2012

I really didn’t think I was in the mood for pulling together a post today. I’ve had a lot going on at work and in my head this week and I kind of feel like just zoning out. But then I perused my stash of dining room shots and I was completely swayed by the awesomeness. Some seriously delicious eye candy here today.

The lover of simplicity in me is mesmerized by this. It is warm and visually interesting despite being entirely neutral and dominated by white. Those chair legs… and that rug… they are killing it. Atlanta Homes + Lifestyles via delight by design.

I don’t love those chairs, but they’re alright. The chandelier is delightful. But the best part is definitely the picture rails. I love love love picture rails because it allows you to move around and swap out art on a whim. I often find vintage portraits totally charming, but I’m super nervous about ever incorporating one into my own art collection. They can read “creepy” really easily, and I worry that they could seem out of place in my home. I went to an estate sale yesterday and saw several old portraits that I couldn’t help but linger on. One in particular had fantastic abstractly bright colors and was very inexpensive… but it creeped me out! That painted lady seriously had evil eyes. No thank you. Designed by Charles De Lisle via desire to inspire.

Oh yes another lovely pared down interior. Gigantic windows + Kitten = Fail safe. Hans Blomquist & images by Debi Treloar for The Natural Home, scanned by Haute Design.

Also: Danish Modern Chairs + Kitten = Fail safe. I seriously have a fever, and the only prescription is more Danish modern chairs. Apartment Therapy via i.go.blog.

Stuck with grandma’s old dining set with pink vinyl upholstery? Own it! I can’t say I’d ever choose this table and chairs, but if you’re running a vintage theme through your home you could totally rock it. Does anyone know the source of the window drapery fabric? It elevates this room so much. By Jared Fowler, styled by Shannon Fricke, scanned by dustjacket attic.

There’s a whole lot of lovely going on here but I have to give a lot of credit to that amazing floral arrangement. It’s color and presence in the room is irreplaceable. Photographed by Catherine Gratwicke.

It is hard to know where to start with this shot. Part of me is so visually confused I don’t like it… but I so appreciate the bold mix of pattern here. What parts, if any, do you like? Designed by Gabriel Hendifar via Shop Talk

Is. So. Pretty. I have no words. Okay I have some. Green is not a color I usually go to first, but when I see it used to such fantastic effect it is really inspiring. Paired with the lovely shape of these chairs, I am smitten. Despite the rest of the shot being largely neutral, this dining space feels energetic and cheerful thanks to kelly green. Designed by Christina Murphy for Trad Home via Savvy Home.

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  • Reply Elly June 13, 2012 at 10:05 pm

    Ooh yes, these are gorgeous. Particularly loving the Tulip Table/Chairs paired with the ornate traditional chandie – yes please to that!

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