Gimme Some Great Outdoors

June 22, 2012

Aaaand it’s Friday. I’ve had a bit of a crazy time this week and while I’m inclined to whine about it I think I’ll spare you. If my schedule wasn’t completely full for the day I definitely would be going for a long walk. The sun is out and I always find being outside therapeutic.

This spot is about as welcoming as it gets. More people should take advantage of outdoor fabric for effects like this. I find it enchanting. From a hotel in the jungle of Belize, via desire to inspire.

Simple, cozy, and PINK of course. So much seating you could throw a party out there. A bit of a luxury, no? Designed by Kishani Perera via Shop Talk.

Chevron is a little overly trendy in my opinion, but I would not say no to that floor. It is awesome. This shot is so Secret Garden. I love it. Can you imagine having something like this on your property to escape to? C Magazine via delight by design.

Archways always pique my interest, even more so if covered in plant life. Photographed by Sharyn Cairns for Country Style AU via dustjacket attic.

Cute furniture, but I still don’t like rugs like this. What I do like is the use of those shutters as a massive screen behind the sofa. It’s a great focal point and also gives the space a cozy enclosed feeling. Lonny Mag via My Favorite and My Best.

This outdoor area screams chic and hip. It’s luxurious and laid back at the same time. I just love it, especially the fretwork on the glass. Via delight by design.

A beautiful shared courtyard in Los Angeles. Via Design*Sponge.

This space is so simple and quite humble, but I am really feeling its vibe right now. A little moody but still with feminine colors, lots of soft textures, a sweet breeze and nice view… and most importantly to me at the moment is a spot to lay down. Nap time please. Via buddha interiors.

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