Aspirations and Kitchens

July 2, 2012

Recently I was leafing through a notebook of mine that I use mostly for grocery lists but I also occasionally jot down random stuff in it. I flipped to a page where last year sometime I had written:

Think less about what I don’t have.

Find more confidence in myself.

Those words really hit me as I thought about whether or not I’ve done much of anything to work towards those goals. I have tried to keep in mind the confidence issue, but I can’t say I’ve made any great leaps in that arena. And as for thinking less about what I don’t have, I’ve hardly made a dent. I do try to keep in mind how blessed I am (and I truly am), but that doesn’t seem to stop me from constantly wishing I had nicer things. It’s fun to look at pretty interior pictures and home improvement can certainly improve your quality of life. But it’s so important to remember that the most important things in life are intangible.

Keep that in mind as you covet the crap out of these kitchens. Bahaha.

This is easily the most beautiful galley kitchen I’ve ever seen. That unexpected circular window does wonders to make the room feel more open. The glass-fronted upper cabinets help to do this as well. Oh and apparently this is just the butler’s pantry to an adjoining kitchen. Guh. Designed by Mick De Giulio for House Beautiful via sadie + stella.

There is a lot of white in this kitchen and yet it feels very warm. Taking notes. Designed by Angie Hranowsky via Shop Talk.

I like walls of tile yes I do. Photographed by Ashley Capp via desire to inspire.

This is pretty simple but it is very up my alley. White subway tile, white marble counter top, and darker gray cabinetry. These are all things that I would seriously consider for my own kitchen. By Errez Design via desire to inspire.

Wallpaper can be chic, I promise you. It leans a little country in this kitchen which is not my style, but I still like it. The butcher block counter is perfect for the space. Designed by Mari Eriksson via dustjacket attic.

I love white in the kitchen, though this may be a bit much. It’s broken up with the partial orange backsplash and hanging plant which helps a lot. Would you ever consider using this much white in your kitchen? The home of Matt and Kathy Allison via Design *Sponge.

This image has been floating all over the blogosphere, and with good reason. It’s really hard to go wrong with subway tile, and with these deliciously textural gray cabinets this kitchen really is a showstopper. I approve of the hanging bare bulbs as well. I keep expecting the bare bulb trend to pass, but it’s still very cool in the right space. Photographed by Anna Kern for Skona Hem via nicety.

I’m honestly surprised that I like this as much as I do. Normally I prefer darker floors and purple isn’t my most favorite of hues to accent with, but the layout and openness and vibe of this room have me hooked. I think the open shelving for cookbooks is really fun. What do you think? Designed by Charles De Lisle via desire to inspire.

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  • Reply lizmedendorptranslations July 3, 2012 at 10:20 am

    I always feel strange leaving comments on your actual blog seeing as I’m always talking to you while I read your posts anyway, but here I go!

    Round circular window = fantastic and I wish I saw those more often. And it really does wonders for the relatively narrow space in that pantry/kitchen.

    But the two images that really caught my eye are the ones with darker cabinetry: the Errez Design one actually looks like a really deep green tone on my screen as opposed to gray, but I really really like it that way. And the Skona Hem one is just right up my alley. I love the great contrast, the simplicity, and the almost industrial bareness of the bare bulbs.

    • Reply Christina Ebbers July 3, 2012 at 10:35 am

      I’m really glad you liked these so much! The Errez Design cabinets do have a blue/green undertone to them by the looks of it. There is another shot of them on this page ( where they look lighter and quite gray, though still a touch blue-green. Lighting makes such a huge difference. I prefer the darker shade they have in the above shot, so I hope that’s more what they look like in real life. 🙂

      Yeah that Skona Hem kitchen is so sweet. I really can’t get over the finish on those cabinets. So gorgeous!

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