Kids’ Rooms That Parents Will Love Too

July 6, 2012

I really can’t get enough of well designed children’s rooms. To create a room that is safe, comfortable, engaging, practical, and aesthetically pleasing for both parent and child… well, it sounds incredibly difficult to me! I’m still several years away from having to think about this, but for those of you who are facing the challenge, I sincerely hope that my kid themed posts will be of some help to you!

Lovely soft pink and incredible coziness under foot (though perhaps not the most practical rug for a young one, wouldn’t you think?). While the drapery fabric is certainly cute, I would opt for something that would grow with the child a little better. Seems like these would only last a few years before they’d be too “baby”. Would you agree? Lulu DK via vim & vintage.

Painted floors are not for everyone, let alone floors painted with a playful free-hand pattern like this. As long as you’re confident in your skills and willing to probably paint over it one day, why not?! It certainly adds something to this room that might otherwise feel a little plain. Photographed by Solvie dos Santos via dustjacket attic.

It is possible to go neutral and simple in a nursery; it can really be beautiful. I wouldn’t expect the pristine-ness to last too long since color and clutter will almost invariably be introduced as a baby grows, but some really determined parents might be able to maintain the look. Maybe. The home of Susan and Parker Hutchinson, photographed by Courtney Apple, via Design*Sponge.

Via nicety.

That bare wall needs some love, but otherwise I love this. All of the color is brought in with accessories, so the palette can be changed on a whim. I adore Moroccan Wedding Blankets too. Photographed by Dane Tashima via desire to inspire.

Mokkasin via dustjacket attic.

Love it. So cozy, right? The home of Annabelle Kerslake via Design*Sponge.

Of all these shots this is the one I resonate most with. It’s all about the textiles. Nothing is exactly matching and yet it all works together so well and provides the perfect playfulness and vibrancy. Quirky items like this flamingo wall hanging really sing to me. I love one of a kind quirkiness! The home of Justina Blakeney via Design*Sponge.

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  • Reply lizmedendorptranslations July 6, 2012 at 10:54 am

    While I know like nothing about children, and all of these rooms are very nice, it seems like you’ve chosen a lot of very soft, “clean” rooms for this post. I don’t necessarily mean that they are tidy so much as just, lots of ligher colors and neutrals that could easily be totally destroyed by a rambunctious child. Perhaps it’s that most of these rooms seem like they would be for little girls, too!

    I would think the most important thing for a kid’s room in terms of functionality is creative storage space – to provide a little bit of organization in a world of chaos. But that’s just me – you know how I like functionality and organization!

    • Reply Christina Ebbers July 6, 2012 at 11:17 am

      You are right they are all quite “soft” rooms. I guess that is what I have been drawn to lately! And yes there are a lot of light and neutral colors, but I don’t think that makes things much more susceptible to rambunctious children… something in a dark color can be destroyed just as easily, haha.

      Storage is most definitely HUGELY important in a kid’s room. Like huge. Storage wasn’t prominently featured in any of this post’s images but that’s purely coincidental. My criteria for choosing images to feature is almost exclusively aesthetic. If my eyeballs like it, I will post it. Haha. That means that important issues of functionality may not always be thoroughly addressed. Whoopsie-daisie. Oh well, I hope people enjoy the prettiness anyway!

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