Workspaces and A Rug Question

Warm, vibrant colors make this work space invigorating. I just noticed that they’ve placed a rug over wall-to-wall carpet, and the carpet looks exactly like what I have in my own home. Perhaps I shouldn’t be assuming that no rug could possibly work in my carpeted home. My carpet is pretty plush so a plush rug would definitely be weird but a thinner one could do the trick. What do you think? Is a rug on top of carpet just too much or is it workable? Photographed by Stacey Brandford for Style at Home via Brunch at Saks.

This space is great but what really makes it for me is the gold screen. Screens can serve a functional purpose as a room divider, but they don’t have to. This one acts like a piece of art and gives this room great visual presence. The office of Dallas Shaw, photographed by Alison Conklin, via sadie + stella.

This is quite a bit less colorful than I usually prefer, but it’s got a nice vibe going with a mixture of some weathered and some sleek surfaces. Photographed by Michael Graydon via desire to inspire.

Love the conservative yet powerful use of color. The art is lovely. The best part is the cat, of course. Photographed by François Halard for NYtimes, via dustjacket attic.

I’m completely obsessed with this dusty pink blush color. So good! With the sweet little flowers and amazing brass chair… oh it’s so feminine and good. Though perhaps I’d want a pad on that chair, don’t you think? Photographed by Sanna Lindberg for Sköna Hem, via Miss Moss.

This shot really speaks to me. Simple, fresh, and old with new. I am not so sure I would want a mirror image of myself to stare at while trying to work, but that mirror sure is lovely. I love me a good old ornate frame sometimes. The home of Zoe Johns and Max Catalano, photographed by Liz Daly via Design*Sponge.

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  1. miatrendey says:

    Lovely pics! I’d say a clear YES to rug on carpet. A great way of layering. Excellent way to lowlight an unloved floor or even to do a bit of the unexpected with a great floor – rug on rug. I dream of a huge old house with masses of overlapping rugs :)


    • Hehe oh Mia. Thank you for speaking up and validating my interest in rugs over carpets! My wheels are officially turning. And I could totally join you in that dream of a huge old house with masses of overlapping rugs! Sounds heavenly.


  2. Loving all these work spaces, the second in particular – THAT SCREEN! I’m a hige fan of rugs, definitely think you should consider adding one. Or three…


    • Haha I’m glad you like that screen as much as I do! I have definitely been convinced that rugs are a possibility for my home. It may be a while before I take the plunge but I’m just excited to even be considering it! :) Thanks for stopping by.


  3. Hi! Rugs are a great way of adding texture, colour or pattern… I have a fully carpeted home and i know what you mean in terms of similar piles but trust me you won’t notice that if you choose one with a contrasting pattern or print… Jute rugs are great for adding texture too if you want more of a Hamptons look… XX Cat


    • Hi Cat! I really really appreciate your input about rugs. I honestly don’t know how I got it in my head that rugs over carpet was a no-no. I realize now that I could totally make it work. And yes, a contrasting pattern or print sounds perfect. Thanks again!


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