The Pretties

July 27, 2012

I can barely form sentences today. I hesitate to admit this but the reason I can barely form sentences today is because my sister and I have been fangirling over Tom Hiddleston all morning and my mind is mush from all the awesomeness. But that has nothing to do with this blog! So on with the pretties!

Whoops! How’d that get there?

I’m still obsessed with dark blue walls and the other colors here compliment it beautifully. Photographed by Stacey Brandford for Style at Home via Brunch at Saks.

Pretty pretty pretty rug. Hus & Hem via My White Room.

Lovely colors, especially that deep purple/pink rug. Photographed by Claiborne Swanson Frank for Vogue via nicety.

Wonderful wall color! House and Home via Design Manifest.

Moody wonderfulness. Recent settlers on Flickr via My White Room.

I could really go for a nap right now in this incredibly cozy and personalized room. Thomas O’Brien via Savvy Home.

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