Beautiful Bedspreads

August 17, 2012

Well friends, it is Friday and next week is my vacation! I also have a wedding to go to tomorrow for my dear old friend Angie and I’m pumped. Seeing that I will be busy and internet-less I’m afraid you will not hear from me until I return the week of August 27th. How will you ever survive?!

One thing that I think most of us look forward to when vacationing is sleep. Glorious, restful sleep. Here’s some rooms I’d happily doze off in.

I am normally not a lover of brown at all (except in wood tones), but this bedding is superb. It just looks so darn cozy and warm and a little luxurious. Bosworth Hoedemaker via Houzz via My White Room.

Nuevo Estilo via My White Room.

Fantastic colors. I’m not always a red girl but here it’s used with such a lively effect. This bedroom is in a stunning island home that belongs to Spanish model Eugenia Silva. Despite it’s luxurious locale, the style here is relaxed, simple, playful, and so attainable. I love it when the wealthy don’t always rely on high-end expensive furnishings to make their homes impressive. Photographed by Gonzalo Machado for Architectural Digest via dustjacket attic.

This archway kills. So does everything else here. I’m loving the fouta style bedspread and coordinating striped pillows. I think I’m developing an infatuation for lamps with black shades. And finally, that window is beyond stunning. Photographed by Jordi Canosa via nicety.

Pretty much anything salmon colored has a good chance at luring me in. I love this bedspread. The rug is simultaneously incredible and terrifying. Not for me, but I like it in this space. By Annette Nordstrøm via desire to inspire.

This is one of those rooms that I would not want for myself and yet I think it is beautiful. Green is a tricky color for me. It can go bad so easily. It’s just not my first choice. The walls here are covered in a green twill fabric, which is lovely. Repeating the color in the bench upholstery works wonderfully, but I want to sideswipe that sconce right off the wall. It is just ew, in my opinion. Give it a black shade, please. Or brass. The thing that keeps this room from feeling like a big green downer is the graphic black and white bedspread. It’s the perfect bit of crispness that the room needed. I love it. Do you agree? Elle Decor via My Favorite and My Best.

I seem pretty fixated on bedspreads today. My own bed could certainly use an update… *wheels turning*

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    Great bedrooms! I think the 3rd is my favorite with the bright florals.

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