Dining Room

A Love Affair with Dining Rooms

August 31, 2012

Everything about this is stunning. I would love to have this dining room. I’ve long coveted chandeliers like this one with glimmering glass drops, but the prettiest ones are always very expensive in my experience (like this one). The light in this room is fantastic and I love all the wood. The pop of color in the flowers and oranges is absolutely necessary to pull it all together in my opinion. It’s amazing how often stylists use flowers to introduce the only source of color in a photograph. The home of Keri Russell photographed by William Waldron for Elle Decor, via Emily Henderson.

I absolutely love about 70% of this. The black walls with delicious ornate molding, the gilt framed art, the shape of the table, and the chandelier are all wonderful (though I can’t say I’d ever choose that chandelier for my own home, unless you’re giving it to me for like $10. Ha.) What I don’t like so much is the bowl full of… I don’t know what. It looks like starfish made out of rubber or something, and I just find it a confusing thing to put a dining table. My biggest problem is with the carpet and chair upholstery. They’re not awful, just not to my taste. That carpet belongs in a hotel lobby, not a chic dining room. Photographed by Steve Wrubel for Paper City Mag.

Oh colorful southwestern-style rug, you kill me. I love the creamy walls with soft orange accents. The home of Leslie Lewis Sigler, photographed by Beaux Arts Photographie via Design*Sponge.

Love the bones of this place. My love affair with Danish modern dining sets continues. Via My White Room.

So so lovely. I badly want to un-sweeten it a little, though. It needs some black. And I don’t care much for the upholstery on the arm chair. I die for that chandelier. Designed by Caitlin Wilson via Little Green Notebook.

I am fully obsessed with this image. Head over heels. The colors are magnificent, particularly in the rugs. I adore the weathered wood table. The art is wonderful; landscapes and quirky portraits are my favorite. I need to get me a big vessel and plop some branches in it. I always pout about not being able to afford fresh flowers and plants but this method is clearly inexpensive and I love the casual, homey vibe. The home of Andrew Miller, photographed by Felix Forest for The Design Files.

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    I love the first dining room; filled with light and beautiful furniture its just gorgeous

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