Practical, Glamorous, Cozy Kitchens

I enjoy white kitchens. The amount of storage here is insane. Do you think you would like having a ladder like this one in your kitchen or would it drive you crazy? I think it might drive me crazy. Designed by Katie Ridder via Savvy Home.

Kelly Wearstler needs to shut up. And by that I mean she is painfully amazing at designing. I mean, brass cupboards? WHAT. Designed by Kelly Wearstler via My Favorite and My Best.

Carpet in the kitchen? No. Primary color cabinets? Usually no. But there is something about this blue that I like. It helps that they have sleek flat fronts. It makes the color read “modern and funky” instead of “cottage and junky”. The home of Julia Leach, photographed by Patrick Cline for Lonny via pinkshirtsandcarwreks.

White, pink, and a pop of gold. Clearly I’m sold. Designhund via dustjacket attic.

You should really click on this one to get the full effect because it is beautimous. Lovely white but just enough warm wood to make if feel both cozy and bright. Simple, homey, and so so lovely. Maybe a little too small to call it a dream kitchen but certainly for a cottage or vacation home this is perfection. Via nicety (where there are more pictures of this darling abode.)

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