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January 29, 2013

One of my good friends Kristin is preggers with her first child. She’s due in about six weeks, which I know will fly by! She asked me to help with some ideas on how to decorate the nursery. I threw this together before asking her what sorts of things she’s looking for, so I will be chatting with her to see what else I could suggest. But I liked what I came up with enough to share it with you all today. I did not go into this thinking “Must have lots of animals!” but that definitely happened.

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one Adler Pendant $99 // two Nursery Wall Prints “Woods” and “Meadow” $70 each

three You’re Getting Very Sleepy” by SycamoreStreetPress on Etsy $35

four Baby Woodland Round Rug $500 // five Sardine the Cat by Blabla $56

six Bunny Bookends $69 // seven Weathered Wall Bookrack $125

eight Braided Wool Baskets $36 – $79

Adler Pendant

Nursery Wall Print

'You're Getting Very Sleepy' by SycamoreStreetPress on Etsy

Baby Woodland Round Rug

Sardine the Cat - Blabla Dolls

Bunny Bookends

Weathered Wall Bookrack

Braided Wool Baskets
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