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Lighting Your Dining

February 4, 2013

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The dining room is possibly the best opportunity to do something really fabulous with lighting. Ceiling lights are often given the task of being the jewel of a design, the star of the room. If I didn’t have so many other areas of my home more badly in need of attention (currently working on my full bathroom!), I would be hopping to upgrade my dining light. The above room features a cluster of IKEA shades. (Which, alas, appear to now only be available in a silver finish and not in the U.S.) Grouping several individual pendants together like this is a super smart way to create a lot of impact that is customized. And inexpensive if you go with something in the $25 a piece range like these ones!

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If a grouping of $25 pendants doesn’t appeal to you, perhaps you’d like to spend closer to $18,000 on a fixture like this! Created by Lindsey Adelman, it’s stunning, but never in a million years would I spend that much money on it. Lindsey has a very interesting page on her site encouraging folks to make their own light. You don’t need access to fancy hand-blown glass like this. Some simple tubing and wiring from the hardware store plus a creative streak and you could have yourself a totally unique piece to brag about.

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If it suits your style, you don’t even really need a fixture at all. Light bulbs by themselves can be wonderful little sculptural pieces. You could go classy and gold like this, or raw and industrial.

There are an abundance of Etsy shops selling really awesome lighting. Here’s a few of my favorites!

Studio Snowpuppe Luke Lamp Co. Junkyard Lighting Earth Sea Warrior Dylan Design Co. DW Vintage Raw Dezign

one // Photographed by Tony Amos & Maree Homer, styled by Erin Michael & Sarah Ellison for real living via dustjacket attic
two // Incorporated via desire to inspire
three // By Ilse Crawford via Shop Talk

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